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Multi - Release Vision


Colossal Kaiju Combat is not a single game - it is a brand that will (eventually) cover a dozen or more individual games.  When we talk about "Colossal Kaiju Combat" we are discussing the brand - individual games are called "releases."  Each release has its own name, followed by the trademarked CKC logo to indicate that the game is part of the Colossal Kaiju Combat brand.  When discussing individual releases we often use speculative names such as "Kaiju Combat Godzilla" or "Kaiju Combat Ultraman" - but those are simply placeholder terms.

Each release is a stand-alone game which includes, at a minimum:
  • Unique playable Kaiju
  • Unique environments
  • Multiplayer support
  • At least 1 other game mode (single player, story, survival, etc)
By designing a brand, as opposed to a single game, we are well positioned to:
  • Release licensed monsters (Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, etc.) in their own games, avoiding any cross-over licensing headaches.
  • Build brand-loyalty which transcends the fan base of any particular monster franchise.
  • Let players buy only the content they want - so players save money and we can specialize each release.
  • Allows us to separate revenue from each release easily - so we can properly share profits.
Of course the most important element of our multi-release branding is the fact that the Colossal Kaiju Combat engine will support all of our content from every release in modular fashion - which means that customers who buy several CKC games will be able to mix and match the content from those games.  This has never been done in a commercial game before, so it will seem a bit unfamiliar to players.  A good analogy is to consider how we play with LEGOs.  Each individual LEGO kit is a single stand-alone product which can be enjoyed by itself.  But once you have several LEGO kits you stop thinking of them as individual products, and simply treat them as a single pool of LEGO components to play with.

Some people think that Colossal Kaiju Combat releases are similar to Down-Loadable Content ("DLC") which has become a popular feature of many console games.  But Colossal Kaiju Combat releases are NOT like DLC, because DLC is tied to a specific game.  You must buy that game before you can buy or use the DLC.  Colossal Kaiju Combat releases, on the other hand, are all stand-alone products which need not interact with one another.  This is also important for the pricing, licensing, and selling of each game.

Release Pricing

The price for each Colossal Kaiju Combat release will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  We plan to introduce the franchise by simultaneously launching 1 free-to-play release and 1 paid release.  "Standard" releases will probably be $15 ~ $25 dollars each, but very small or very large releases might easily sell for as little as $5 or as much as $40.

Release Frequency

Initial development for Colossal Kaiju Combat will probably take 9-12 months.  Once the technology and back-end are in place, we hope to make 2 to 4 releases each year, depending on how much content we build into each release.

Welson Jonhson (Guest) 1054 - days ago 
It clarifies more the goals you guys have in mind for Kaiju Combat
Mike Roberge (Guest) (Guest) 1053 - days ago 
I must say, this information will make explaining the information to my friends a whole of a lot easier.
Guest 1040 - days ago 
will it be on xbox360?
Guest 1040 - days ago 
At guy above - nope.avi .
Guest 1034 - days ago 
I just thought of an awesome idea! If it ACTUALLY cames out for consoles, I have a rather decent suggestion to contribute to there being some sort of, well, "premier" or "limited" editions of the game.

The box it comes in could be a fairly big box - a tiny bit thicker and taller than the average game box. It could look exactly like a building, only brushed over with smashed in windows and cracks. There could be a small whole punched into the building or a bitemark with macrosaurus' eye staring at the person looking at the box and the front of the box could have a huge, damaged billboard mounted on the building displaying the game's title: Kaiju Combat!

As a minor suggestion, when the box is opened up, the contents could include:

- the actual standard game box/manual/disk

- limited edition KC comic (previously mentioned before)

- A fold-out sheet of monster concepts

- A fold -out map of all the arenas in the game (satelliete view?)

- A bonus disk featuring a behind-the-scenes commentary/documentary upo the making of Kaiju Combat.

- Early DLC? Skins (I know I know! skins are money!), maps, downloadable theme for Xbox 360/PS3?

This idea IS NOT OFFICIAL people! Its just an idea! My idea was heavily inspired by the Halo Reach and [PROTOTYPE] 2 limited editions. There has never been a limited edition of anything kaiju-related, and it would be awesome just to open a KC limited edition box to enveil some meaty monster maevolence! It would also make a neat christmas present in 2013!
Quaranj (Guest) 1015 - days ago 
Hey, long-time fan of the Godzilla Series and recently Deadliest Warrior - Is there a possibility of releasing this as a platform on consoles ala Pinball F/X? / Zen Pinball or do the licensing issues still apply there?
Sunstone Games 1015 - days ago 
Console licensing is simply too much of an expense for us to take on without money in the bank, or a product on the market. Once Kaiju Combat is out, I suspect we will be able to find a publishing partner willing to fund the submission to consoles (in exchange for all profits of said console version). So we suspect a console version will appear eventually.
Guest 980 - days ago 
as long as we can do Godzilla Vs Gamera than its all good. and matt franks godzilla monster designs are epic... just not his gameranime series.
Guest 979 - days ago 
what if instead of store console disks, they are sold onb marketplace because disks get scratched over time so its cheaper
Godzilla fan (Guest) 961 - days ago 
i have a question will this just be pc because i dont have a prob with it but i also think it would be great for the xbox and ps3?
Kyotita (Guest) 960 - days ago 
It will only be on pc until it gets enough funds to be put on a system since it takes around 250k just to get the rights to put your game on a system. The engine is compatible with every system out there right now but we need to wait until we have gotten that to justify placing it on the sytems.
interested fan (Guest) 920 - days ago 
Yeah this looks like a great game no doubt but i think i speak for a lot of people when i ask are we gonna get a chance to have a godzilla gamera showdown? Because it sounds like your getting the rights to use the godzilla and gamera characters but each group is going to have its own seperate game? i like gamera but i dont want to have him in his own seperate game with his own enemies to fight i want to be able to pit him against godzilla, or match up biollante and legion or even iris and spacegodzilla. thats what we all want you to do and i hope thats what your planning, a game that will include all the godzilla characters you can get, all the gamera characters you can get and all of your awesome original design characters you guys have on this wiki (there all freakin cool by the way)so we can get the chance to live out a battle between any of them we want.
Sunstone Games 920 - days ago 
@interested fan - I believe you question is answered by the paragraph on this page which follows the second bulleted list.
Sunstone Games 911 - days ago 
Each character is the creation of a different person - so we have no control over whether or not anyone wants to include mechanical elements.
SpottedAlien (Guest) 907 - days ago 
The 2 or 3 releases each year alluded me. That amount of frequency sounds amazing, especially for releasing characters in a fighting game.
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