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Height: 100 meters
Weight: 50,000 metric tons
Gender: Female
Combat Style: Melee
Primary Attacks: Hand Claws, Tail Spikes
Secondary Attacks: Knee Spikes, Teeth
Primary Weapon: Self-Immolation
Secondary Weapon: Divine Judgement
Energy Style: Fury

Overview: Nemesis is a DNA hybrid of the Greek goddess, Nemesis, who was actually an ancient kaiju from another world, and a murdered little girl named Maigo. Nemesis senses injustice and seeks it out, consumed by rage, destroying everything in her path until her target is located. Once the guilty are found, Nemesis husks her skin, opens her spiked carapace to reveal reflective wings that focus light into a beam of energy that incinerates her foe and anything else it touches.

Origin: A winged kaiju once roamed the Earth, exacting merciless revenge on evildoers, and spawned the myth of Nemesis, the Greek goddess of vengeance. When the body of that first kaiju is recovered from beneath a mountain in the wilds of Alaska, its DNA is used in an experimental organ growth procedure, combining the alien DNA with that of Maigo, a murdered little girl. Thanks to the genetically enhanced rapid growth, the girl quickly grows into a monster, breaking free from the lab and beginning her charge south, toward Boston, where her murderer resides. On the way, she eats, sheds her skin, grows and leaves a hundred mile path of destruction in her wake. And when she reaches Boston, downtown is all that stands between her and vengeance. For the entire story, check out PROJECT NEMESIS, a kaiju novel by bestselling author, Jeremy Robinson.

Energy System: Nemesis’s blood isn’t fully understood, but it is powerful. When angered, her blood swirls behind clear membranes on the sides of her neck and on her torso. If those membranes are punctures, the blood sprays—and ignites, explosively. In fact, one of her signature moves—self-immolation—occurs when Nemesis stabs her claws into her own chest. But Nemesis is driven by two primal forces, the first is to eat and grow, and the second is retribution. Her insatiable urge for vengeance is what drives her.

Ranged Combat: Nemesis has a penchant for launching debris, cars and anything else nearby. In dire situations, she can also use her self-immolation and to inflict real damage (at the cost of defense) she can unleash the power of the sun, reflected from her wings, with Divine Judgment.  Self-immolation triggers when she takes significant damage to any of her exposed orange panels - where her explosive blood is closest to the surface.  Nemesis is clever enough to cut these panels herself, should the need arise.

Grappling: Despite her size, Nemesis is quite agile. After embedding her large claws into the torso of her opponent, she falls backward and used momentum to kick her foe up and away.  She can easily move to flank or ambush opponents - more evidence that Nemesis has developed a combat style which was effective long before she achieved her current massive size.

Melee Combat: Nemesis is most dangerous at close range. While her ranged combat is limited to tossing vehicles and rocks, she is most dangerous up close where her large claws, spiked tail and speed make combos a snap. Her self-immolation is more potent at close range, which makes her ability to get into melee range quickly a crucial advantage.

Weaknesses: Nemesis must get close to inflict any real damage, which means getting past ranged attacks. Her one powerful ranged attack, Divine Judgment, is devastating if successful, but to employ the attack she must leave herself vulnerable for a significant period of time. So if she misses, she is susceptible to extreme damage while her body regenerates her protective thick skin. Similarly, when she self-immolates, she actually takes some damage to perform the move. If she is too weak when she self-immolates, she risks killing herself.

Animation Guidelines: 
  • Personality: Nemesis is looking to inflict pain, and extract justice.  She's not fighting for some obscure motivation, or primal need - she has a specific, well-considered goal in mind.  Her attacks are neither wild swings, nor precision strikes - they are attacks which advance her goals.  She is hitting you because you deserve to be hit - and worse - and she knows it.  Nemesis never shows fear.
  • Combat Focus: Nemesis attacks with her claws, feet, teeth, and tail.  As a goddess with a mystical goal, we might imagine that she's inflicting spiritual pain as well as physical - her attacks hit her opponent in more ways than one.  This gives us some freedom to allow odd or unusual elements to her animations - some odd float here, some unbalanced leaning there.  
  • Special Considerations: Nemesis is very "folded" in her default stance, so we need to be careful with her collision spheres.  Her head will need to extend beyond her collision cylinder.

Guest 1007 - days ago 
why is all the monsters females
Guest 1007 - days ago 
Great to see a really "dark" female kaiju!!! Destroy those stereotypes!!! :) Hmm... may have to re-think Bogrimm's gender again... nah, the more broken stereotypes the better! :P

We want there to be an even amount of female and male kaiju in KC for those wondering by the way :)
The Dark Hulk (Guest) 1007 - days ago 
Wow, this monster most definitely looksva lot like the Devil Hulk from the Ultimate Destruction! Both physical and fighting characteristics seem ery similar. DH does regard Bruce Banner as a child, but Nemesis seeks revenge FOR a child. Get the contrast? Nemesis having wings however makes them greatly differ.
Guest 1007 - days ago 
woooooow amazing
Guest 1007 - days ago 
this creature look like just came from thee movie UltraMan Saga Movies
Alexander johnson (Guest) 1007 - days ago 
I would like to get to know this creature more its very interesting
Guest 1007 - days ago 
The Dark Hulk (Guest) 1005 - days ago 
Wait -- a BOSS monster? C'mon! We finally get a monster that isn't silly, and I find out shes NOT a part of the playability roster! (I'm not saying shes definitely not playable, but perhaps she may be playable like SpaceGodzilla was in the Godzilla:Unleashed story mode).
The Dark Hulk (Guest) 1005 - days ago 
Just another Question too - why is she a boss which is seeking revenge for an innocent girl that was murdered ... if it wasn't the player's monster that murdered Miago? I am confused. If somebody could please explain to me whats going on, I'd appreciate that.
The Dark Hulk (Guest) 1005 - days ago 
Actually, it makes sense if shes defeating the player's monster because its in her way of her path, but directly attacking it? ...
The Dark Hulk (Guest) 1004 - days ago 
ATTENTION: I am glad to tell everyone (especially Simon Strange) that I have informed my local librarian about 'Project Nemesis'. I told her it was a story about an innocent child who had been murdered, a giant Greek godess spawned from her remains and (as all monsters do) goes on a rampage. She was very intrigued by this book I told her about, because she has never heard of it. I told her I wasn't sure if it was out yet, but she said because the book featured giant monsters she thought it would go very well with the teenager's reading club, seeing they are rather young, and many young people would like to read a book about obliterating cities, right?

She is going to give the book a mention at the next session, and that KAIJU COMBAT may include Nemesis, which will probably inspire many of the people in the club to donate to the production of KC! I'm not sure if it shall work, but at least people will be more familiar with Jeremy Robinson.
Sunstone Games 1002 - days ago 
@Dark Hulk - Nemesis will absolutely be playable - all of our boss characters will be. Nemesis is seeking revenge for her murder in the book Project: Nemesis. Her motivations within the game will be somewhat different...
The Dark Hulk (Guest) 1002 - days ago 
Wait ... all bosses? Interesting ... sounds like there are more bosses then!
Jenny (Guest) 1002 - days ago 
Really love the way this boss looks.
Shut up and take my money
Guest 1001 - days ago 
It looks like all of the other monsters mixed togeter
Guest 1001 - days ago 
Easily my favorite so far.
Guest 990 - days ago 
I am glad to hear that boss characters will be playable. I hope though that won't make you restrict how you design bosses in the future, as many games feature bosses that play very much unlike the player and are interesting because of that.
Guest 987 - days ago 
I think she should have similar colors to Mirma, mostly because it reminded me of Mirma.
Guest 987 - days ago 
She is so BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her desgin has good detail, & just plain out awesome! if u dont like this than u r fricin CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lamango (Guest) 984 - days ago 
Oh hi Dinozaur, ArchBelial, and Sandros from the Ultraman series.
Guest 979 - days ago 
it looks like an alien from aliens vs predators
Guest 967 - days ago 
Most of the females look badass, there should be more badass males aswell
Guest 965 - days ago 
Wow...! This project is going along beautifully! I haven't checked on it since... Its announcement! This kaiji looks really brilliant! Like Zilla, but female and cooler!
Red (Guest) 957 - days ago 
If Godzilla fights her that would be epic
Liam Campbell (Guest) 951 - days ago 
I am very surprised that Nemesis will be a boss monster at first and then become playable after defeating her!
Guest 949 - days ago 
...I still don't see the Zilla resemblance. Legs, maybe. Everything else? Completely original.

Also, Red... When Godzilla fights her. ;)
Guest 945 - days ago 
Sort of reminds me of Genocyber
Guest 942 - days ago 
the first one that looks really good...
Guest 939 - days ago 
Guest 935 - days ago 
I read project nemesis, wish that they posted the sketch where she's in stage four and has her wings, but can't have everything, still a glorious monster though XD
Riley Munley (Guest) 929 - days ago 
gorillawhale (Guest) 914 - days ago 
Interesting idea. Sort of has a Iris vibe going with the glowing patches.
Zulugator (Guest) 908 - days ago 
Can we PLEASE have a color concept? This monster is just too cool to be just in black and white!
Guest 881 - days ago 
Make it playable, but a giant winged version should be boss, ya know because it says she shed her skin so she could be
Like a cicada
Guest 877 - days ago 
I've read the book and I hope the game is just as awesome
D (Guest) 843 - days ago 
Well this mofo will actully be able to kick Tursacras ass.
Guest 837 - days ago 
Now THAT is an intimidating design.
Guest 837 - days ago 
So its a female Orga?
Dinoboy (Guest) (Guest) 825 - days ago 
Is it a coincidence that the original Nemesis' body was in Alaska, frozen, and Tornaq lives in the great Northern areas? I think not!
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