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Height: 78 meters
Weight: 42,000 metric tons
Gender: Male
Combat Style: Melee/Control (Debuff)
Primary Attacks: Hands, Feet
Secondary Attacks: Boom Buzzer
Primary Weapon: Omni-Launcher
Secondary Weapon: Mind Beam
Energy Style: Stamina

Overview: Dr. Henry Cavor was a brilliant scientist, whose deliberately increased his size and strength in order to fend off an invasion of Earth, (for which he was at least a little bit responsible).  The transformation took an unexpected turn, and his mind regressed to a semi-intelligent state.  He wields the powerful Omni-Launcher, which provides him with a variety of powerful combat options - but these days he mostly prefers to pound opponents flat with his bare hands.  His over-sized brain can no longer assemble complex thoughts, but it is capable of powering a beam of pure mental energy.

Origin: Dr. Henry Cavor travelled to Earth's Moon in a ship of his own design - powered by the incredible anti-gravity mineral Cavorite.  There on the moon he was captured by the subterranean Selenites, a mysterious race of moon-dwelling humanoids.  Using only his incredible brain (and his patented Cavorite Gun) Dr. Cavor managed to escape back to earth.  Unfortunately, his interactions with the Selenites gave them the tools necessary to travel to Earth on their own!  
Faced with this new threat, Dr. Cavor developed a technique by which he could grant himself the power necessary to repel the Selenite invasion.  He crafted himself a gigantic weapon and gargantuan clothing, and then bombarded himself with energies designed to make him enormous, invulnerable and incredibly strong.  He imagined that he would retain his great intelligence after the process... but sadly that was not the state.  The process reduced his mental faculties to a fraction of their once formidable might.  Despite this setback the monster (now dubbed "Cavorstein") managed to destroy and scatter the Selenite fleet, saving the earth.  But with nobody to help him reverse the transformation process, who will save Dr. Cavor?
(For more on the adventures of Dr. Henry Cavor, check out drcavor.com!)

Energy System: Cavorstein regains mental energy slowly over time.  The Omni-Launcher is fueled by ammunition, rather than an internal power source.

Ranged Combat: Cavorstein can project beams of pure mental energy, which can tear through flesh and bone.  He projects this weapon through his modified goggles, which also serve to preserve his vision at giant size.  The Omni-Launcher is a giant version of his battle-tested Cavorite weapons, which could create anti-gravity fields in limited areas.  The launcher fires needle-tipped vials which deal edged damage at range, and inflicts a variety of strange effects on opponents such as weakness, poison, anti-gravity, etc.  Certain combinations of these effects produce powerful adrenaline surges - so be careful before mixing prescriptions!

Grappling: Cavorstein takes glee in man-handling his opponents.  He lacks the strength to crush opponents through grapples, but he is a fearsome contortionist and can often turn close-quarters combat to his advantage.

Melee Combat: Cavorstein uses a very simian-style combat technique, full of rolls, flips, and heavy-hitting arm attacks.  He stands in a low stance, with his arms in front of him.  He moves in quick bursts, and can change combat techniques quickly.  He somersaults in the air during jumps, swings on buildings, and rushes opponents like a Silverback Gorilla.   When fighting larger armored opponents, Cavorstein can often trip or tie up his opponent with confusing approaches, giving him exposed areas to unleash his fury upon.  Careful use of the Omni-Launcher can also create opportunities for melee assaults, depending upon the specific circumstances.  The Omni-Launcher also has a port on Cavorstein's palm called the "Boom Buzzer" - which channels explosive energy into Cavorstein's hand.

Weaknesses: Cavorstein's melee powers are excellent, but are rarely enough on their own to defeat other Kaiju.  He must use his Omni-Launcher to inflict status effects, and then take advantage of those temporary weaknesses while they last.  Unfortunately, primitive-minded Cavorstein cannot properly use the Omni-Launcher, and so he cannot predict what status effect will be produced.  Even worse, attempting to combine multiple status effects can sometimes trigger a positive effect in his opponents!  Cavorstein must remain flexible, and react to the fluxuating fight conditions faster than his opponents.

Animation Guidelines: 
  • Personality: Cavorstein is very energetic - very roly-poly in his approach to combat.  He no longer has his scientific mind, but the glee he used to feel when developing inventions has translated into the joy he feels when flinging his body through the air, or swinging across a jumbled landscape.  His stances are very low-slung, poses, emphasizing his extended arms.  He charges like a gorilla.
  • Combat Focus: Cavorstein uses his Omni-Launcher to debuff opponents, and then engage with them in melee combat.  He slides and scoots along the ground with incredible agility.  His running jump performs a liesurely somersault in the air.  Cavorstein uses his long arms in several spinning attacks, and he has a very useful ground-slam from  jumping state.
  • Special Considerations: Cavorstein's Omni-Launcher might look good with some attached shapes...

Guest 917 - days ago 
Well hello there, if it isn't Dr Neo Cortex as a kaiju! The eyes look very similar to Sergant Cortez from Timesplitters and the Eggman from Sonic the hedgehog. His device on his arm looks like a white version of the Omnitrix! What makes me think that this would make a good rival for Duncan? P.S. FIRST COMMENT!
Guest 917 - days ago 
Don't like this ( not to be rude or anything )
Guest 917 - days ago 
Ooooh! Another (well sort of) pre-existing kaiju, and a primate to boot! I personally like having a mad scientist as a kaiju instead of controlling a kaiju, great concept in my opinion! :)
Guest 917 - days ago 
So, makes for a "Primate - styled" creature, eh? (I saw the word "Simian" in his combat overview...)
Guest 917 - days ago 
Meh, it's okay, I guess.
V-Raptor (Guest) 917 - days ago 
I'm kind of dissapointed with this design. I understand it, but I don't think this will go well within the first game. I have a feeling that this character will mostly be voted out before it can be voted in.
Guest 917 - days ago 
Uh... okay... its defiantly... original. Doesn't exactly scream "monster" though.
Guest 917 - days ago 
It is indeed unique. Have a feeling this guy will get a lot of flak but his gameplay style sounds fun as heck!!
Guest 917 - days ago 
First Men in the Moon Kaiju? I am beyond okay with this. :D

Somewhere, H.G. Wells is turning in his grave.
Guest 917 - days ago 
Guest 917 - days ago 
I imagine his roar sounding like the Hulk's roar
Guest 917 - days ago 
Him fighting King Ceaser would be an awesome fight and a awesome lazer light show
D (Guest) 917 - days ago 
WTF is this. Just jokeing its cool.
Guest 917 - days ago 
how did his clothes stay on?
Sunstone Games 916 - days ago 
He's wearing custom clothing that he created for his gigantic form - just like the Omni-Launcher. The plan was to grow to gigantic size - but keep his mind intact! (Didn't work out too well...)
Guest 916 - days ago 
I always liked Kikiron and Katyusha... I had doubts about Duncan and Bogma, but now, I look at you, and I'm pretty sure that I rather prefer any other monster than you.
Mike (Guest) 916 - days ago 
Seriously epic, a monsterised version of Dr.Cavor from the Cavorite games, so cool to see him like this!
Guest 916 - days ago 
He the giant humanoid monster
Guest 916 - days ago 
AHAHAHAHAHA sorry but this is a ridicules(in a good way)design!
Guest 916 - days ago 
a mutated mad scientist kaiju
Guest 916 - days ago 
For some reason, Cavorstein just gives off a Dr Muto-esk vibe (DR MUTO FTW!). Maybe it is his dissproportionate head? Beats me.
Guest 915 - days ago 
That beard would make Abraham Lincoln blush. I seriously like this monster!
Matt J (Guest) 914 - days ago 
It's original for sure, but it just isn't 'kaiju-esque" enough for me. Although it does remind of "Frankenstein Conquers the World"...
Guest 912 - days ago 
You know, now that I think about it, he is a tally kinda cool.
Guest 912 - days ago 
Why do feel like I need to fight this guy as a mutated, orange Bandicoot?
Guest 898 - days ago 
Prof. E Gadd! Look out luigi
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