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Kaiju Combat Monsters



*Komododon - An ancient reptile, frozen in the ice for thousands of years before being released & mutated by nuclear fire.  Designed by Kaiju Empire, LLC.
*RoboKomododon - A military weapon, created to fight Komododon!  Designed by Kaiju Empire, LLC.
*Gigashark - A sensitive hammerhead shark driven by doubt, insecurity, and experimental military chemicals.  Designed by Kaiju Empire, LLC.
*Magnarok - An ancient Polynesian diety on a volcanic rampage.  Designed by Kaiju Empire, LLC.
Megaplat - A mutant platypus egg, raised with love by a young boy and mutated by chemical effluents.  Designed by Kaiju Empire, LLC.
Stabitha - A strand of alien DNA grown to maturity by a mad scientist.  Designed by Kaiju Empire, LLC.

*Komododon, Robokomododon, Gigashark, and Magnarok have been selected by community vote to appear in our free Kaijuland release.  Megaplat and Stabitha are currently not in consideration for any release.


Nemesis - Grown from the remains of a murdered child, this terrifying creature cares for nothing but revenge.  Designed by Jeremy Robinson, and featured in his new novel PROJECT NEMESIS.
Ikameijin - A brutal alien overlord - the last of his species - who has become the champion of the Kaijujin.  Designed by Uky Daydreamer, Matt Frank and Edward L. Holland of MONSTER ATTACK TEAM.
Tornaq - A polar spirit, who takes on the appearance of a female polar bear covered in mystic glyphs of defense.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Macrosaurus An incredibly large, incredibly fat Tyrannosaurus.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Katyusha - A Mongolian Jerboa mouse, fused with an experimental semi-sentient machine that draws power from its host.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Tursacra - The stone of the Irish countryside come to life.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Duncan - A chartruse marsupial with a rapacious demeanor.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Moratitan - A giant mutant Moray Eel with an exoskeleton formed from coral.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
DragonLotus - A fusion of martial arts & alien technology, the DragonLotus is driven by duty to protect the oppressed.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Heart Eater - A corrupted fusion of technology, this one time hero has become addicted to the blood of Kaiju.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Lycanoid - A terrifying fusion of primal rage and synthetic science gone awry.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.

KAIJU COMBAT ORIGINAL MONSTERS (not assigned to any release)

Urogora - The Greek poet-muse Erato, reborn as a rampaging salamander.  Designed by Sunstone Games, LLC.
Kikiron - An alien predator who seeking out new opportunities for battle.  By coincidence, he looks exactly like a giant chicken.  Designed by Sunstone Games, LLC.
Exterminus - The ultimate weapon from Burria Prime.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Gandiva - An ancient Indian artifact, augmented by human techonology.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Gaonaga - A long-lived alien lizard, mutated by alien science and cursed to battle other Kaiju forever!  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Scaos: The Sinkeeper - An empath, held prisoner to contain the sins of an entire race.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Cavorstein - A gigantic mad scientist, mutated out of control, with no way to regain his mind.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Chelonra - A steam powered vessel piloted by mysterious forces, shaped like a giant turtle with a mustache.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Maladra - A horrendous blob monster which makes everything in its path a part of it, including the space station that spawned it.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Bunagi - One of several oversized guardians of ancient Africa, back to reclaim power for his people.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Grimmgarl - Massive zombie alligator, inhabited by two Voodoo spirits.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Taligon - Lithe, Spiked lizard who uses light and heat to periodically manifest gigantic wings of energy.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Hound of Nita - A striped Hyena transformed into a little girl's guardian angel.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Thanatorg - A massive bull-creature from ancient Greece, displaced through time and space by an ancient battle.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Mecha-Baz - A mechanized anti-monster vehicle, dedicated to and built in the likeness of Ex-wrestler Zubaz.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Cryx - A semi-sentient Crystal entity, dispatched from an alien outpost in orbit around the sun to drain power from earth.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Vogeladra - A winged monstrosity of bone, piloted by a psychic and powered by Nazi supertechnology.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Torrentula - A peaceful child of the gods is tormented until she embraces her future as a monster.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Solomon - An exiled demon seeking revenge on his nemesis - RED!  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Shadow of Red - An echo of the malignant demon RED.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Muligahn - A golf elemental, playing through sentient world with his unstoppable drive.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Degijon - A shambling mass of sentient seaweed, with wooden shipwrecks for bones.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Aggredora - An alien executioner, resurrected on Earth with the power to give life.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
Kagiza - An acrobatic space gecko, separated from his family.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.
BullDozer - An irradiated caterpillar and chameleon team up.  Designed in collaboration with Sunstone Games, LLC.

Sunstone Games 1058 - days ago 
This is a list of the monsters which have been created for the game. Until we have a contract with Toho we cannot list Toho monsters (or Gamera, Ultraman, King Kong, etc.) There are plenty more to come!
Mike A. Roberge (Guest) 1055 - days ago 
There will be more monsters, did you really think that Sunstone Games would promote such a great game with only 7 playable monsters?
Guest 1054 - days ago 
For this game to become extremely popular, the monsters we at LEAST need are:
- A rock golem of sorts (e.g. Agamo)
- A blob monster (e.g. The Blob, Hedorah)
- A dragon type? (e.g. Raptros, King Ghidorah)
- A mecha: piloted or AI military unit (e.g. Robo-47, M.O.U.G.E.R.A)
- A mechanised version of a certain original monster? (e.g. MechaMacrosaurus?)
- A dark, evil entity (e.g. some sort of shadow beast, the Devil Hulk?)
- A doppleganger-type monster (e.g. perhaps someone can copy moves/take form of another or random monster)
- A bio-organic plant monster (e.g. Biollante, Vegon)
- MOST DEFINITELY an ape or gorilla type monster (Congar, King kong, George)
- A squid type monster (Gezorah, Carl from Rampage Total Destruction.
Guest 1991 (Guest) 1049 - days ago 
The above list is perfect.
Guest 1048 - days ago 
(Guy above me) Thank you very much! I swear that I was the one who typed it up, honest! I mean, who else would comment upon giant monster stuff? Not a brain-dead FPS player thats for sure! The monsters enlisted are the pillars that should hold the entire cast of kaiju combat together - before they smash it down, anyways! XD
Guest 1048 - days ago 
Does anyone else think that some of the cast is a little ... erm ... silly? I mean, we have an obese dinosaur, a moray eel in a suit of armour, a paraplegic alien, a polar bear with tattooes, a female dragon ... ninja thingy, a bounty hunter who likes blood too much for her own good, a giant green kangeroo, a firey amphibious salamander (the irony!), and a ...chicken :T. Don't get me wrong, I think this is brand new stuff, it looks cool and its imaginative, and that we should give all new things a try, right? My only wish is that there were more cliche monsters, e.g. Godzilla-styled monster or King kong (but not to make them to similar or stereotypical). My reason is because when I look at the cast, I just think that the classic monsters are missing and that we have all these brand new creatures emerging from the drawing board.
Guest 1048 - days ago 
By the way - the comment above was not any form of hate or arrogance - I just feel that this new cast of monsters is different from monsters from my childhood. I'm sure many people feel the same was as I do. In all honesty, I look forward to Macrosaurus, Moratitan & Uragora (Because thats the closest the cast is so far to Godzilla). The monsters I an the least satisfied with is Duncan and Kikiron, specifically because the game is a bout giant monsters, not giant animals, correct? I would be much more interested if they had more giant monster-esk elements merged with them, e.g. spines, spikes, teeth, huge claws, the works.
Guest JC (Guest) 1048 - days ago 
I wouldn't say that the giant monster frachise has been killed off, if it was we all wouldn't be here. In fact I'd say the giant monster franchise is growing even stronger just look at the new Godzilla or at Pacfic Rim if these movies are sucessful it could begin a new generation of kaiju fans and maybe mainstream audiences will be able to take kaiju more seriously since Godzilla is returning to its darker origins. Godzilla has been around now for almost 60 years he his far from dead and has deffiantly not been killed off. I'm glad this game is being made, I'm even more glad that it's basiclly being made by the fans and i can't wait til it comes out.
Guest 1047 - days ago 
@Above - meh, true. Hopefully it shall get more people motivated into giant monster stuff. maybe a BIG BANG of new Godzilla fans! Personally, there should be a Godzilla movie where it ventures into Godzilla's mind. It would be very interesting because we could see how Godzilla's mind actually works , the reasons for his destructive or heroic behaviour and so on. There also needs to be a battle with an inner demon perhaps, e.g. Dark Godzilla or Devilzilla. The Hulk had this kind of battle in his mind in the videogame the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate destruction, where he battled the Devil hulk.
Guest 1046 - days ago 
@Sunstonegames - sorry for disturbing you, but may I suggest some more monster ideas, along side those ones the other guy came up with a few days ago? Or as THE Simon Strange put it: "Lets spitball some ideas and names!".


- We need a kind of golem! Only question is, what kind? Egyptian? Aztican? Deep under the earth?

- What kind of names? It has to be related to something strong and powerful, seeing as golems are generally powerhouses. Some golems are even named after metals or rocks. Some made up examples: tarsmash? (named after tarmac and smash as in "smashing up roads) Doleruption? (named after dolerite, cooled down volcanic rock and erruption) knuckrock? (knuckle, as if "punching stuff" and rock is self explanitary).

Blob monster

- We need a blob monster! Knowing the excellent designer team, they'le come up with something cool other than a blob of organic matter. Perhaps a living ice-cream? A giant ball of snot? Fruity jelly? Melted chocolate?

Mecha/giant robot

- We need a giant robot, especially one that works for the power of good. Something 100% non-organic, not semi-organic like exterminus for example. Would the mech be piloted? AI? Would it use missiles, lazers and melee weapons galore? It would intergrate very well with story mode, especially if DragonLotus is an ally of it.

Shadow beast

- We need a monster that is practically the darkness itself! maybe it could be an evil bagan/spacegodzilla-styled monster? Spiritual/magic-type spirit beast (a bit like Tornaq)?

-It could even have small wisps of dark energy just waving off his body like fire.

- Maybe we could follow some sort of "fear" tactic - for example, if he is facing off to an opponent with low health, he could become that kaiju's worst nightmare/inner demon, thus inheriting the enemy monster's powers - only magnified to some extent.

- He may just get larger, more powerful and slower as he feeds off their fear. As his health goes down, he gets smaller, weaker AND he is very mobile and fast due to it; maybe his attacks could be faster to make up for the loss of ATK.
Guest 1046 - days ago 
@SunStoneGames - So, please respond and tell me what you think. I really want to help, BADLY! I've never been a part of anything like this before and I only wanted to help by adding more generic kaijju to your cast and help it expand. I understand there may be liscensing issues and money problems, but as I said I just wanted to help you succeed.
Sunstone Games 1046 - days ago 
I think you need to post this type of discussion to the forums, not in the design document. kaijucombat.com/community/
Guest 1045 - days ago 
@SunStoneGames - Oh, I see, sorry. Its just that I don't think guests can go on the forums, specifically because anonymous people probably haven't pledged £5 to the game's development. Is it truely possible that guests can upload comments and suggestions on the kaiju combat design forum?
John C Daily (Guest) 1045 - days ago 
I will definitely get this game when it comes out. I'm a huge godzilla fan so maybe one day they can have him. The monsters all seem really badass.
Guest 1044 - days ago 
where is gamera
Guest 1044 - days ago 
@ guy above - you can't just assume Gamera is going to be put in instantly. I mean, do you see Godzilla? Of course not! First, money is needed and secondly the liscence is needed from daiei! Besides, people are much more familiar with Godzilla, so its obvious hes going to go first.
Guest 1044 - days ago 
P.S. That reminds me - we need a giant insect monster! The only problem is, we can't really use a spider monster because Exterrminus' lower torso probably animates like a spider. We also can't use a preying mantis because Preytor from War of the Monsters already is one. A dragonfly, beetle or a type of mollusc may be viable though.
Guest 1044 - days ago 
Aw, man, I really hope they include Moguera!
Guest 1041 - days ago 
hey guys I've been watching the kaiju list for quite some time and I have to say that Man!!!
kaiju out of self thinking awesome (y)(y) but now that think about it their is one type of kaiju that have never and I mean never had been use in monster fighting games
and I wanted to ask that if could be possible and also that can be approve could I get a hoping chance to see an "demon kaiju" on kaiju combat? and if it can be done please let me know
again great stuff you guys keep on you fascinating work :) and also keep the monster spirit alive ^_^ :D
Neo Hedorah (Guest) 1037 - days ago 
there should customization mode
Guest 1034 - days ago 
YES! Customisation Mode! You, Neo Hedorah, are a genious! I've seen you on the KC forums - an actual member! :D Indeed, we need a creative mode! Making up monster skins for cosmetic purposes or even customise the monster's abilities (e.g. add skiil points like in SoulCaliber IV). Maybe even your own MAPS to brawl in, using pre-made objects and tools used to make the levels! It would create more variety of different places to rampage as opposed to getting bored to the same levels over and over again (until seperate titles are released that is). If there was to be a map creator, it would be cool to have exclusive items, e.g. funny billboards, minigame props (football, golfball, basket ball, other toys).
hyeniathepure 1032 - days ago 
Guy above me. I already said something about a customization mode to Simon Strange and he said that it's not possible.
Guest 1031 - days ago 
Yeah, thats a shame. I mean, Spore is a fully customisable game, but then a limited fighting game can't allow making up monsters? Thats just stupid. I know more finding and stuff is needed, but seriously, our dreams of getting a DECENT kaiju game with customisation of kaiju for the first time will be crushed.

Overrated games like Modern Warfare, Minecraft and all those gay football games (sorry, language!) get lots of money, and how are they so successful? they copy the last game and add 2/3 on the end! Its rediculous! People who buy these games are the biggest bunch of idiots to gather in a videogame industry, despite each one plays EXACTNYL the smae as one another! All that wasted money could have been spent on making kaiju combat! Seriously, the giant monster genre gets very little respect nowadays.
Guest 1031 - days ago 
There was one game on the PS3 however called "Eat Them!", which enabled you to play as a huge monster and it was fully customisable. The only problem was, it did not follow in the footsteps of any Godzilla game or "War of the Monsters". The game was a complete shamble! The monster wasn't even a real monster, just a giant cyborg with bits of mangled flesh! Reviers said it was a substitute for Godzilla - I don't think so!
Guest 1031 - days ago 
Guest 1030 - days ago 
They need to add Fire Lion, Lightning Bug, and The Visitor. If you don't know who those kaiju are, they are the monsters that could've been in Godzilla Unleashed, but Krystalak and Obsidius beat them in the vote.
Mexicankaiju (Guest) 1030 - days ago 
Totally agreed with you. Fire Lion, Lightning Bug and The Visitor must return. Especially The Visitor.
Matrix (Guest) 1029 - days ago 
Guys, there will be many more monsters than this.
Guest 1027 - days ago 
bagan, battra, kamebas, ganimedes, gezora, king kong, gorosaurus, matango, and the gargantuans should be in it
mothras alternate skin(s) should be Armour mothra, aqua mothra, eternal, and gmk mothra
Guest 1025 - days ago 
how bout put ridley from metroid in there all you gotta do is give ridley a new design and make him at least 5 times bigger than he is in metroid
Guest 1024 - days ago 
@Guy above - nice idea to incorporate a nintendo character with a kaiju brawler, but knowing Simon and Matt we need the dough to purchase the rights of ridley. Besides, KC is being released for PC first (unfortunately). However, there may be some possibility that KC could be released on the Wii-U/3DS, merging characters with Nintendo, e.g. Macrosaurus looking like bowser, a donkey-kong like kaiju, and so on.
Guest 1024 - days ago 
In addition, Ridley has been rumored to appear as a new character for SSBU/SSB 3DS, as some concept art has shown some of his stature, and he looks rather similar to that of how Bowser, Donkey Kong, King Dedede and Charizard would play.
Guest 1020 - days ago 
Has anyone noticed that Robokomododon has been temporarily removed from the Kaijuland character list here? Probably the Moratitan pic that was there instead of Robokomododon.
Guest 1019 - days ago 
Oh ... the robokomododon thing ... never mind ^_^'. OH OH - by the way, you know what additional, secret characters we need in the game? Wait for it ... Simon Strange and Matt Frank. Yep. Oh yes. I could imagine a giant Simon just wrenching Moratitan out of his coral shell, or matt burning Exterminus to a cynder :3. Its basically a reference to that giant human that was playable in Godzilla: Generations. If not humans, I guess Simon and Matt could easily KAIJUFY themselves ... right?
Bambooshoots (Guest) 1019 - days ago 
ask and you shal recieve... My Kaijufied Simon:

Bambooshoots (Guest) 1019 - days ago 
No picture by the way, just the concept :P
Guest 1018 - days ago 
@Banbooshoots - wow, that is amazing! Nice idea transforming him into a sasquatch! I was thinking, did you get your idea from the new alien called Shocksquatch from Ben 10 OMNIverSe?
Guest 1018 - days ago 
OH - another idea! If KC is released for Steam, why not incorporate KC stuff with TF2? For instance:

Macrosaurus - Heavy Weapons Guy (Hes ... big!)

Duncan - Sniper (Australian!)

Urogora - Pyro (Fire!)

Moratitan - Soldier (well-rounded character)

Tornaq - Demoman (metaphorical "wild" nature)

Kirikon - Scout (running like headless CHICKEN)

DragonLotus - ...Spy?

Exterminus - Engineer (well, hes cybernetically engineered!).

Tell me what you guys think! TF2 could have certain KC goodies, like a Urogora flamethrower, or a Macrosaurus hat for heavy.
Robot God Akamatsu (Guest) 1018 - days ago 
Team RGA - would love to have our Robot God Akamatsu join the ranks of your game. He is a classic Shogun Warrior Mech and has a growing fan base. We could also help with creating more artwork for the game if need be. Please feel free to check out our FB page : http://www.facebook.com/RGAkamatsu and you can read our online web comic at http://issuu.com/robotgodakamatsu and our email is robotgodakamatsu@gmail.com We know how difficult it is to try and attain licenses for major brands but there are giant robot and kaiju creators like us who are a lot more reasonable to work with. We really wish Kaiju Combat a successful campaign and hopefully will hear from you :)
Bambooshoots (Guest) 1017 - days ago 
No, not from Ben10 (simOn is your hint ;) also I think the TF2 idea is great! I personally don't play it but I know that would get us a lot mor income :)
Bambooshoots (Guest) 1017 - days ago 
oh and to RGA... WOW! I would LOVE to see that guy in the game! Hope Simon feels the same way! :)
Kiryu117 (Guest) 1017 - days ago 
i would like to see all versions of godzilla included and yes i am also referring to the pretender zilla
Bambooshoots (Guest) 1017 - days ago 
Zilla is being heavily considered for the future Godzilla release from what I can tell from his support on the forums :)
Bambooshoots (Guest) 1017 - days ago 
Concept of my collaberation kaiju, He currently has the largest Fan-Base on the forums, despite not having any official concept art yet, here he is: Bogrimm!

Bambooshoots (Guest) 1017 - days ago 
Yes, I paid $500 for him :P
Guest 1017 - days ago 
Bogrimm sounds awesome! Its not every day you get a crocodile-like voodoo puppet thingy. It sounds like a kind of fusion between biollante/ghost Godzilla/Nightmare creature. For a creepy finisher, how about his head enlarges in size andc swallows the monster whole. Basically,all the monster's skin stretches and rips as it does so, as it cannot take the pressure (thus giving off a creepy look). I got the idea from some Gmod videos...
Guest 1017 - days ago 
Speaking of Gmod ...

Heavy Macro Guy: "I am Heavy Macro Guy ... and THIS, is my belly. It cost over $500 dollars to draw it, and it costs $2,000 to fire random objects ... for 4 seconds!"
Bambooshoots (Guest) 1017 - days ago 
Thanks for the compliment! Creepy is definetly what I was going for :)
Guest 1017 - days ago 
@Bambooshoots - By the way, are you on Playstation Network (PSN) or have a PS3/vita?
Guest 1017 - days ago 
just hoping to see Bagan, Super Godzilla, Desghidorah, Keizer Ghidorah, SpaceGodzilla (with access to flight form), Grand Ghidorah, Godzilla Junior and some more.
Sycho (Guest) 1017 - days ago 
Anyone remmeber or used to follow this? http://www.oocities.org/godzillauniverse/ the origonal monsters and depth or research into the stories written i feel could help this project a lot! im sure its creators/editers could be contacted for easy usage, im sure they would love for their work to live on in a video game.
Guest 1017 - days ago 
So .. lets see ... I post a trivial comment about whether or not anyone has a console (despite kaiju combat isn't out on consoles), SunStoneGames delete comment about fat American kids. As Monster Master would say: "Seems legit". Its humorous because they delete a comment based on a true fact about 2/3 of america's population being overweight over a question about ineccessary ownership of a console. SunStoneGames LTD must be based in America, no doubt.
Guest 1017 - days ago 
No insults intended*.
Bambooshoots (Guest) 1017 - days ago 
Having a console or not actually relates to this game because we will probably eventually do a console release and would be nice to communicate and raise awareness of KC through that consoles community... Americans being overweight has absolutely nothing to do with Kaiju Combat, its like going to a protest about animal lab testing then starting to talk about how you really don't like wallstreet... no offense intended...

on another note, yes I have a PSN ID but I would prefer to keep it private, thank you for the offer though :)
jacob dallas (Guest) 1016 - days ago 
can we send in monster desings
Dak (Guest) 1016 - days ago 
So looking at the kickstarter they have concept art and at least one model and animation.

No evidence of any programming having been done whatsoever. No talk of programmers on the team or if they're using an existing engine or building one from scratch. No talk of designers either.

All I know from this kickstarter is I'm being told a bunch of amazing people are working on the art side of things and what they have to show is some good concepts and a single model and animation (which to be blunt the model looks fairly mediocre).

I'm not giving them money on faith alone. People need to see that this game has a proper team behind it and that at least some groundwork has been done. Even a quick prototype in Unity is better than nothing.
Kyotita (Guest) 1016 - days ago 
you didn't look through this wiki then or realyl read much of the kickstarter page....ABOUT KAIJU COMBAT explains that it is being made by Sunstone Games who is made up of most of the team that worked on the Pipeworks Godzilla games and if you look up ANY interviews about Kaiju Combat (or simply read the kickstarter page) you learn that it is being created by the one and only Simon Strange and much of his team from pipeworks and Matt Frank who is one of the most famous kaiju artists out there right now so your crazy to say their is no talk of the designers. The engine being used is listed there as well
Kyotita (Guest) 1016 - days ago 
if any team is capable of this it is this one so please look for the information before stating that nothing is spoke of about this game -.-
Dak (Guest) 1015 - days ago 
The kickstarter doesn't mention game design in even the slightest amount of depth. It mentions 1 person who has some design experience. No one is going to look up interviews for more info. Nothing on that page leads me to believe there is significant work being done on game design. The wiki has some good info but it's largely in the beginning stages. Most of it is just character concepts (dime a dozen really). Matt Frank is an artist he has nothing to do with design.

You're right on the engine being listed though, missed that. Still saying that their technology is ready to go yet not having even a simple prototype or gameplay video is borderline suspicious. Personally I trust them because of their history in the industry but if this was any other team I'd think they're just lying. There is really no excuse for not showing people what they're paying for.

You can't assume people pledging have extensive knowledge of kaiju video games. In fact you shouldn't even assume they have knowledge of kaiju anything. Limiting the audience to people who are avid fans of previously made kaiju fighting games is simply a bad idea, they need to get the average person to trust them.
Sunstone Games 1015 - days ago 
@Dak - Simon Strange here. I totally understand your concerns. You are exactly correct - the only assets we have to show are our concept images and our one model. We have a ton of Toho models & animations as well - but without the Toho license we cannot show those. Frustrating.

All of us have "day jobs" to pay the bills - we can't afford to spend months working on assets for Kaiju Combat without pay. Engine updates that we need will be licensed back to Pipeworks - that's more work that can't begin until we have funding in hand.

I like to think that you are being constructive in your criticism, but honestly your comments make me really sad. I've spent almost two decades of my life designing games for the profit of others - and I want to believe that I've earned enough clout to start making games on my own terms. Obviously that requires trust, and I'm trying my hardest to build that trust with the community. I've already sunk thousands of dollars of my own money into this project - I spend hours chatting on forums and answering questions from fans every day - I'm trying to promote this campaign (for the second time) as transparently and honestly as I can. I know that's not going to be enough for everybody, but I hope it's at least enough to avoid having people call me incompetent or a liar.
Guest 1015 - days ago 
Hey, the cast looks great.
But a little wacky no offence.
Have you guys ever heard of the Play Station 2 game, War of the Monsters ?
They have a perfect cast. Maybe they can give you some ideas?
Guest 1015 - days ago 
I've seen some ppl call this a spiritual successor to that series
Guest 1015 - days ago 
Looks like Dak got a good telling off from Good ol' Simon huh? I can't personally blaim Simon, because hes trying his very best to try and get this game up and running, and all people are doing is criticising him for silly things. (No offense Dak).

@2 comments above me - War of the Monsters? That game was AWESOME! I played it non-stop! Pitty it didn't have much of a good reputation though, I thought that was a real shame T_T. There needs to be a sequel to that game, because the gameplay in WOTM was as good as giant monster games are going to get. In fact, I traded in Godzilla:DAMM just to get it! (damn ... Simon made that that game o.o sorry Simon, I just prefer WOTM gameplay because its less ... well ... "clunky" as it were and the monsters fealt like real monsters rather than men in suits). The game also had much more flexibility, like dashing, climbing, ground smashes, sending monsters flying across maps -- even the maps were large.
Guest 1015 - days ago 
In multiplayer the screen would actually split into 2, so there was no awkward 'follow your enemy around the map' lark. pitty KC won't be like WOTM though, thats my only criticism (that, and the fact that the game shall feature a chicken and a kangeroo :( ).
Kevin (Guest) 1014 - days ago 
All I have to say is..., GOOD LUCK KAIJU cOMBAT! I truly hope that Kaiju Combat's KickStarter takes off this time. I really love the Kaiju (Silly, or Not!) and really want to have the chance to play them all. For those of you who have not pledged to back this game yet, please do so! Its fun to discuss a game like this one, but much more fun to be a part of it! :D
Guest 1014 - days ago 
I feel that Olragon would go well in the game.
Shnurbinator (Guest) 1014 - days ago 
^^^Guest^^^ I agree!

^^^Kevin^^^ I agree as well!
JetStrange (Guest) 1013 - days ago 
@sunstonegames I really hope toho gives you the Green light. Bet you the kickstater would sky rocket then.
Sunstone Games 1013 - days ago 
Unfortunately, in our latest conversation with Toho we were told that they had given the Video Game license for their characters to another studio. So it will be a while before we have an opportunity to bid on it then.
Guest - Conor (Guest) 1012 - days ago 
Has anyone seen Neo Orochi and the Orochi spawns? Those should be in the game, along with Ikusagami (the monster Orochi fought) and Olragon.
Guest 1011 - days ago 
I have a idea for a fear beast: Gabara
The Dark Hulk (Guest) 1011 - days ago 
In all technicality, Gabara can't really go into the game yet - only original monsters are being included first.
Guest 1009 - days ago 
Include giant robots from Shogun Wariors/Force Five. Also, monsters from the Guyver... including a Guyver Gigantic Exceed!
The Dark Hulk (Guest) 1006 - days ago 
Just a suggestion I'm going to make. Here goes...

Basically, my little brother, who is 3, has an AMAZING fascination in the cartoon called Ben 10. He really likes the show, and he has most of the toys and books. He inspired me to come up with this: Why not obtain a liscense from the guy who made Ben 10 (Man of Action I think), and incorporate some 'kaijufied' versions of some of Ben's aliens into KC? cool, right?

Humungousaur (the dinosaur-like alien) would probably be a reasonable addition, and perhaps Goop (as he has a UFO to help him move his amorphous body around). Most definitely Waybig, particularly because he is almost as tall as Godzilla is, and making a striking resemblance to one of the many Ultramen types.
Guest 1006 - days ago 
All I want is Bagan! That's all I need! Ever since Super Godzilla, Bagan was my favorite enemy monster. He was so intimidating and powerful. He was all kinds of cool. I was super pissed they left him out of Godzilla: Unleashed. If you guys get the Toho license, Bagan better be in there is all I'm saying.
Guest 1005 - days ago 
Mabye some of the monsters from Godzilla: The Series should be in the game.
Guest 1005 - days ago 
If there's a story mode, Mabye there's a dimension portal going to different universes (example : Ultraman, Godzilla, Gamera, Etc.)
The Dark Hulk (Guest) 1005 - days ago 
Indeed, Bagan has proved himself a powerful monster. If he does get featured in the Godzilla expansion pack, he may become a playable boss monster. It is more than likely that the lead player shall become super Godzilla to fight Bagan (if he has selected Godzilla, that is). I hope they don't do a Sonic the Hedgehog on it and make him flying through the air and dodging things :/ nlikely though, Godzilla is rather heavy.
SentientCat (Guest) 1004 - days ago 
Why are their no feline kaijus they would be cool
Guest 1002 - days ago 
I don't like some of the monster designs. While the stories do intrigue me, I feel that some of the monster designs could be better. The giant chicken and kangaroo... can't they be something else? No offense, but I don't get the "kaiju" feeling from them. They just seem to be a monster design that could of went out of this world, but instead became something cliche, typical, and uninspiring. Likewise, its not like I hate the character designer, he has done good designs, but I feel that there could be more inspiration. If he could, why not try to make them into a something that really doesn't exist in our world? Use some design inspiration from the Godzilla, Ultraman, or Gamera series to come up with an unique design.
Sunstone Games 1002 - days ago 
@Guest - all the designs we have were submitted by individual members - so if some of them are not to your personal taste, that makes total sense. Please note that these concepts still need to be voted into the game by a majority of our backers - so we won't just be implementing every idea - especially not the ideas that people don't like!
Guest 999 - days ago 
Mabye some of the Godzilla universe Kaiju should have a Neo Godzilla design. Good idea?
Guest 997 - days ago 
Where's C'thulu?
Mystyx (Guest) (Guest) 996 - days ago 
So wishing for a mixed up one to land in the game. One such as a true chimera of sorts. Possible with like goat looking pauldrons at the shoulders. Lion like head, possible horns and a snake tail. Offer up something like venom attacks or some old fashioned laser beams from the mouths of all three.

No maybe the strong hope of having something left after taxes and bills to see if can even take a dent at trying to make that.
Guest 993 - days ago 
I agree with some of the guests here, Olragon would be a perfect fit for this game. Maybe Stallkus ( Kaiju Killer) would be cool, too.
habid24@ymail.com+(Guest) 991 - days ago 
You know, I'm kinda surprised we don't have an extra-dimensional monster yet, e.g. Cthulhu.
Michael Barber (Guest) 991 - days ago 
I have endless Ideas I think I actually have drawing somewhere along time ago that work. Be cool to get some rights to put in Mecha from great shows like Gundam, or even power rangers lol.
P.Sic.Combo (Guest) 991 - days ago 
It'd be pretty cool to maybe have a time distortion as a Kaiju, just sorta a freaky shape with stabilizers floating around it, throwing literal rips in space-time at the enemy. Maybe explained as the reason why you should not meddle with time-travel, as this may devour you from the void. The stabilizers the only reason why it can manifest itself, it wants to eat the lifespan of the Kaiju, being the longest-lived beasts in the galaxy?
Guest 990 - days ago 
Tornaq looks boss and I think she does a good job of filling in the "King Kong" type monster.
Guest 989 - days ago 
- The Megaplat and the godzilla clone (komoddon) look way too silly imo, the rest look great!
- I feel Gigashark would look cooler with wings or something instead of it just being a shark with legs.
- I'm ecstatic at the idea of cameos from different well known monster shows showing up (I know it'd be too much, but full rosters from previous games would be DYNAMITE).
- Though it'd be cool to see some giant robots in the fray, for some reason a Megas XLR cameo to me seems rather fitting. Plus I don't think its maker would charge nearly as much as the creator of a big mecha franchise like gundam or the power rangers.
Kaijuduke (Guest) 987 - days ago 
Would a super sized succubus or vampire themed kaiju be alright? or humanoid style beasts like ogres, giants, cyclops, or the 50 foot woman? I'm cool with pretty much every possible variety of kaiju out there, just wanted to know what the game rating was gonna be and whether we needed to keep the kaiju animal themed & shy away from too human looking creatures.

Glad I could help with this project, even if only in a small way.
ThatOneGuy (Guest) 987 - days ago 
Am I the only one who thinks we need like a trash monster?
ryanhwell@yahoo.com+(Guest) 986 - days ago 
You guys definitely need to make a Power Rangers/Voltron mecha; where it's one giant mecha made up of five smaller mechas and all of its attacks are based around using each mecha cooperatively. If you need inspiration, just watch some episodes from Power Rangers or Voltron.
Godzillashadow75 (Guest) 985 - days ago 
up to 55 playable monsters 50 payed for 5 sponsered
Guest 985 - days ago 
I think they should add the Iron Giant
Guest 981 - days ago 
Stallkus (Kaiju Killer) would be an interesting addition. The guests that say that Olragon should be in the game, I would say it's an awesome idea.
Guest 981 - days ago 
how about another badass dinosaur like monster?
Guest 981 - days ago 
These are pretty cool, but i think there are 2 many female monsters, i thought that Nemesis, Tornaq and Heart Eater should have been male.
No Godzilla?! This Game is perfect for him!
Guest 979 - days ago 
There should be a giant snake with like throwable fangs and small arms and a poison attack not like the coral monster but more like a fire spread or something lol I suck at art
Sion4978 (Guest) 978 - days ago 
What about Carm-A-Larga a 300 ft Giant Version of Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox that goes on a Rampage through city but sometime saves the world from Monsters that where born out of the Same Alien-Made Accident that Carmelita Experience Before them im sending my Info link of Carm-A-Larga to Simon Strange ---->http://fav.me/d5j7wbs
Hypest Guest (Guest) 975 - days ago 
A giant female mech painted like the American flag.
Guest 973 - days ago 
@Guest concerned about number of female kaiju: There is currently an equal number of male and female kaiju on this wiki, so on the contrary there is a perfectly fair number! :)
The Dark Hulk (Guest) 973 - days ago 
@Hypest Guest - Seems unlikely; we technically have Dragon Lotus to counter for a giant female human-esk kaiju. Perhaps something a bit like a Mantis from the Halo franchise or a japanese mech may be taken into consideration. In fact, I am shocked that there hasn't even been a giant robot announced yet! (other that the word about that "Robot God Ameratsu").

Yeah, remember me guys? I'm giving this wiki another chance.
Beast Guest (Guest) 972 - days ago 
All this monsters look amazing!
I can't wait to play this game,awesome work!
Macrosaurus For the win!
Guest 972 - days ago 
macrosaurus shouldnt be fat, he should he robust.
The Dark Hulk (Guest) 972 - days ago 
Yes, I also think that Macrosaurus should have been made more robust; I have always wanted to play as an actual T-rex that hadn't had something wrong with them. I got as close as the T-rex transformation from Banjo Tooie and Sauron & Diablo from Primal Rage. I personally think another monster should be fat instead of Macro so he could counter for a possible cliche lizard monster. There is nothing wrong with cliche monsters people.
Guest 972 - days ago 
I would have totaly contributed if I had money and if I did have MONEY, I would have donated $10,000. This game seems really awesome and a shout-out for the person that brought me here, matt from Two Best Friends Play. Can't wait to get the game.
urick lucas (Guest) 971 - days ago 
macrosaurus must not be fat, he must be muscular and have a robust body. and also have a superpowerful roar which can destroy stuff.
Sunstone Games 971 - days ago 
I don't think Macrosaurus is fat - but he has an insatiable hunger, and eats significantly more than he should! Clearly he can metabolize everything he eats, but so long as he stays ahead of himself he'll always be working on his weight.
habid24@ymail.com+(Guest) 961 - days ago 
You know, I'm kinda curious. Are we gonna put in some Kaiju resembling some Great Old Ones or should Sunstone Games hold back on that?

D-Rizze (Guest) 958 - days ago 
I hope they put Godzilla GMK in this game.
Guest 954 - days ago 
A cool monster would be like a giant centepede that atacks with its pincers and poison spike and is driven by feral instincts
Guest 953 - days ago 
I Can't Wait For This Awsome Game. I Hope You Get The Rights To Godzilla (Gamera,Ultraman,King Kong ect)Soon.

P.S. Can you Make The Game Come Out Very, Very Early?

Guest 951 - days ago 
i've played every character from Godzilla destroy all monsters to unleashed & the character i am REALLY hope to be in Kaiju Combat is Monster X from Godzilla Final Wars I think he deserves to be in the game and gets to be in his true transformation as Keizer Ghidorah
This is sooo amazing, i wish the industry would make more giant monster fighting games :(...i wonder if you guys could include the monsters from the ps2 game War Of The Monsters? or like the updated versions or something. it would also be cool if you could do what they did and do like a "sweet tooth" (sweet bot) character.
Guest 951 - days ago 
Why r all the the cool monsters female, and the lesser cool ones male. If this is targeted more for boys then i suggest featuring more males or swapping gendres. Tornaq, Nemesis and Heart Eater should all be Males.
So is this gonna be a serious or more silly game? Also, I was wondering if you're going to have another fundraiser, or if you've already got the money. Cause it said somewhere that with so much funding, you'd make a console release, I'd love that. I haven't pledged anything yet but I'm hoping to do so as soon as I can. I love all the ideas and really want this game to be made. Don't quit!
BigBadShadowMan (Guest) 950 - days ago 
people complaining about the gendres of monsters, Stop it. Most of the original monsters where created by people who donated $500 to get their monster created which I am one of them. And I don't want to be under minded because someone is complaining that my monster should be male because he "thinks" there is a lack of cool looking male monster.
fearow (Guest) 949 - days ago 
deutailos should be in this game
KAIJU MAN (Guest) 945 - days ago 
You know what would be awesome if monsters from other giant other monster genres such as cloverfeild or Rhedosaurus or even a revaped version of the Giant Claw were in Kaiju Combat I mean after all if your going to make a giant monster fighting game you might as well put as many monsters from godzilla and other movies as well I mean they don't call it KAIJU COMBAT for nothing and another thing there should'nt be just monsters from movies but maybe monster from mythology as well fans would love to see Godzilla fight the Krakken from clash of the Titans This game is going to be big and its gonna be different than any other godzilla game Sunstone Games please make this Kaiju combat a game that will always be remembered a game that will never be forgotten and take this comment as a tip from ALL godzilla fans including me
Eragon (Guest) 944 - days ago 
The Sphinx from Godzilla the series would be awesome to put in this game along with C-rex and maybe the......DRAGMA
ZAZ (Guest) 944 - days ago 
urick (Guest) 943 - days ago 
how do i put my own monster in kaju combat
Sunstone Games 943 - days ago 
@Guest - the main page of the wiki has a section on monster submissions. But the upshot is this - join the forums, and start promoting your monster there!
THE REX (Guest) 942 - days ago 
Yonggary should be in Kaiju Combat it would be kickass to pit him up against Godzilla
Mr-Kaiju (Guest) 941 - days ago 
Gekido-Jin should be in Kaiju Combat
helios (Guest) 939 - days ago 
More reptilian kaiju please
Liam Campbell (Guest) 938 - days ago 
So you're saying is that the monsters of the Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, Zone Fighter, and other monster franchies are licensed for the future releases of Kaiju Combat, Yes?
Liam Campbell (Guest) 938 - days ago 
When are you done making new original monsters?
Sunstone Games 938 - days ago 
@Liam - we have not announced specific dates for our licensed releases (Godzilla, Ultraman, etc.) - but that is absolutely our intent! As for new monsters - we have 56 more in the queue, which will take us at least through July to finish. New monster every Monday!
Guest 937 - days ago 
New monster every Monday? I think I am going to faint!
Guest 937 - days ago 
meltdown godzilla would be cool
Guest 936 - days ago 
great roster so far but monsters that NEED to be seen are:
blob creature-like hedorah
flying type-similar to rodan
bug-maybe a scorpion?
the crustacean-like ganimes or ebirah
celaphod-squid or octopus maybe? how about a giant jellyfish instead?
demonic entity
divine creature- similar to mothra or king caesar
plant creature
and personally i would like to see a turtle, elephant, dragon, and worm kaiju
Wewewezing (Guest) 936 - days ago 
This Game looks great, and the only real problem people are having is many people (Such as myself) did not learn about it until the kickstarter funding was over and we couldn't pledge, what would be cool is if you did like a contest where new fans of Kaiju Combat could think of and sketch up to like 5 monsters each and submit them, complete with a story draft and the combat info (But it can be changed) and then you guys pick ones you like, it would satisfy the new fans and stop the "I want this!" comments. P.S. I am so buying this game when it comes out!
Guest 935 - days ago 
cool how many monsters will be in it the first Release of Kaiju Combat
Sunstone Games 934 - days ago 
@Wewewezing - We actually did exactly what you suggest - we had people "sponsor" monster who had not been able to contribute during Kickstarter, and then the community voted to select 7. We will probably do something similar in the future - but not for at least a year. Join the forums, and start pitching your monster concepts now!
Guest 930 - days ago 
This game needs a giant germ monster.
Guest 930 - days ago 
why can't peopel still fund? I would gladly give my money to you !
FlargaFlarga (Guest) 928 - days ago 
Hey sunstone! You know what would be cool, if you made a thread on the forums where you do reveiws of fan monsters, even if theyre not in game, tons of people will want to know what you think of their monsters!!!!
Guest_V2 (Guest) 926 - days ago 
Doing a review of fan monsters, and being influential at the same time, may adversely and unfairly affect the sway of public opinion on which monsters to include. Someone else could do it though...
Guest 926 - days ago 
After reading Charles Barkley vs Godzilla, I'm convinced that this game needs Charles Barkley as a guest character.
Guest 924 - days ago 
you what are some nice gust kaiju that should be added: Cthulhu and the sandworms from Dune
Guest 922 - days ago 
What about a giant, mutant octopus, shark or squid?
Liam Campbell (Guest) 921 - days ago 
I kinda like them all, Should all of the those monsters be in the future (second) release or the first release?
Liam Campbell (Guest) 918 - days ago 
Can you make one of the future release of Kaiju Combat with all of the monsters to play with so that way we won't be able to get bored with just only a little bit of them in rosters? We could call that one Kaiju Combat: Ultimate!
Guest 918 - days ago 
lets see the types of kaiju we have....
a polar bear kaiju
a female humanoid dragon hero
a blood craving kaiju
a green kangaroo kaiju
a fire salamander kaiju
a chicken kaiju
a eel with a coral body kaiju
a fat,obese tyrannosaurus kaiju
a cyborg alien kaiju
a two torso bodied mecha
a jerboa mouse kaiju fused with an semi-sentient machine.
a red alien lizard kaiju
a hannibal lector alien like kaiju and......
a celtic/irish golem kaiju

Bubbablack8 (Guest) 917 - days ago 
I love all of them!
Guest 916 - days ago 
So ... wheres the new kaiju?
Guest 915 - days ago 
Will Urogora, Nemesis and Kikiron have colorized artwork like the other monsters
Zulugator216 (Guest) 915 - days ago 
Sunstone, can you please release 2 monsters a week? Cavorstein kinda disapointed me, and I had been waiting for something really cool all week.Unless you create each monster between each week, I think we would all like to have two monsters a week. Thank you.
monster power (Guest) 915 - days ago 
hay im getting a pattern first we have a monster that can control earth then we have a human that has electricity to its side i think ex monster@ monster is coming to life one monster at a time sunstoonegames please give me some info plus is ex monster@ monster coming to life zanthor give me info please
Guest 913 - days ago 
Raiga should be in Kaiju Combat
Dinoking (Guest) 909 - days ago 
I'd have to say the kaiju I'm most excited for are probably Tursacra nd Lycanoid... something about the giant elemental-esque qualities of Tursacra make him very appealing
Dinoking (Guest) 909 - days ago 
If I wanted to donate a sketch of a monster, but left some details out because I didn't know what and/or how to make it look good, and left it to you guys to make it.. would that be ok?
GodzillaJon (Guest) 909 - days ago 
Come on guys, you can't expect the devs to have rights to Goji and all the other famous kaiju right off the bat. This game is going to be awesome with the original Kaiju designs and hopefully some new Kaiju will gain the same prestige as Goji among us fans. Ideas are great, but don't "I'm disappointed because Godzilla or anyone resembling a ToHo monster isn't on here." Be open!
Zulugator (Guest) 909 - days ago 
Thank you for listening to my comment! Please, keep releasing 2 monsters a week!
Guest 908 - days ago 
Zulugator ... that sounds familiar ... in fact, it reminds me of Boggrim (the giant zombie voodoo crocodile/aligator).
Guest 907 - days ago 
@GodzillaJon Well not as much prestige as the King of the Monsters!
Guest 907 - days ago 
Zulugator, Ikameijin was the LAST monster to be revealed for a while. We are in the roster voting process, so all of these monsters you see right now are the only ones that will be revealed and available to vote for a while in the first game currently.
Guest 906 - days ago 
yay we got macrosaurus
Guest 906 - days ago 
how about super versions of the classic monsters, like a Ultra Godzilla or a Super Zilla or someghting cool, and im not referring to the game Super Godzilla
DuckMantheBird (Guest) 903 - days ago 
I don't get to play as a giant chicken
Guest 901 - days ago 
I hope that Godzilla 2002-2003 will be in Kaiju Combat, if they get the rights to add Godzilla monsters.
Guest 901 - days ago 
awesome Macrosaurus and Moratitan and Duncan have made it all we need now is Gaonaga
Guest 900 - days ago 
yay we got Macrosaurus and Moratitan and Duncan
Guest 899 - days ago 
Love the designs and backgrounds. Simply amazing. However, I have a question for Simon (Or anyone who watches these comments.) Can we expect entries of the January winners (X-1, RED, etc), and if so, when?
Guest 898 - days ago 
You guys sure have done a great job with designing the game and what not. All my credit goes to Matt for the concept arts for the monsters. You guys, of course, get credit for everything else.
D (Guest) 898 - days ago 
Wait if its going to be the fall of nemisis than she can't be the first boss in the game. Somewhat confused, could anyone send me a message about this or something?
Guest 895 - days ago 
I predict a giant steampunk turtle is next.
James Fox (Guest) 894 - days ago 
You know, King Kong is a public domain character
Guest 894 - days ago 
cool godzilla vs king kong in a game
Guest 894 - days ago 
Maybe you shoud make a Robot verson of a Monster that you have already created (Mecha-Macrosaurus, Robo-Nemisis?)
Hero-dude (Guest) 894 - days ago 
king kong is not public domain, it is owned by universal and it's really expensive to get him, $250,000 just to have him.

so no, sorry there won't be king kong, but the giant ape is a posibility.
Guest 893 - days ago 
godzilla vs the wolfman
Guest 893 - days ago 
king kong is not a public domain character, actually he is pretty expensive for being only one character, so sorry, but most likely kong wont be on KC.
360snakey (Guest) 887 - days ago 
These characters are weird, I like weird.
Guest 886 - days ago 
How often will original monsters be added. Once a week? Twice a week? Every Tuesday?
Guest 883 - days ago 
We need a frog monster and im good.
Guest 880 - days ago 
was really looking forward to Scaos, but I think he'd actually make a better boss than a character, anyways. The fear of the awaiting nuke while fighting the already swift and vicious beast.
Guest 872 - days ago 
When will Megaplat, Stabitha, Robokomododon, Urogora and Kikiron get an official artwork!?!?
Guest 868 - days ago 
Ugh! Of course most of the cool monsters are female! CHANGE GRIMMGARL TO A MALE, AND DON'T MAKE IT A ZOMBIE!!!!!!!
Guest_V2 (Guest) 868 - days ago 
Guest who said: "Ugh! Of course most of the cool monsters are female! CHANGE GRIMMGARL TO A MALE, AND DON'T MAKE IT A ZOMBIE!!!!!!!"

Son, you got issues.
Guest 866 - days ago 
When do you guys plan to have this game out? End of the year, early next year? If you are not revealing that than can you give us an approximation of however many monsters there will be. Thank you.
Sunstone Games 866 - days ago 
@Guest - clearly you need to get into the forums! (http://kaijucombat.com/community/ ) for answers to your questions. Game is scheduled to come out near the end of 2013.
Bambooshoots (Guest) 866 - days ago 
Hey, Grimmgarl's creator here. @the guest concerned about Grimmy's "gender" and zombieness: Could you give reasoning for how that'd make anything better? Kaiju don't really care about what human's classify them as (gender being masculine or feminine) and lady 'gators are generally bulkier (ties into Grimmy being a bulky/high-fortitude kaiju, or tornaq being so ferocious as mother bears are, as another example) in other words: Why does a kaiju's gender matter? If you actually take the time to look you'll see that there is an equal or near-equal amount of male and female kaiju... As for the zombie part: If she wasn't a zombie she wouldn't be Grimmgarl now would she? Please join the forums if you wish to debate this with me or any other people further, we'd welcome you with open arms despite the differing opinion. :)
Guest 863 - days ago 
I hope that the monster Thaloch makes it into Kaiju Combat.
Guest 863 - days ago 
I hope Oberon gets in the game!
Guest 860 - days ago 
I think a bat (flying mammal) monster should be in the game, if Batrogah doesn't make it into the game. Would be an interesting addition.
Guest 860 - days ago 
@Guest, Solomon from the "GODZILLA NES CREEPYPASTA" will be showing up pretty soon. If you don't know who he is, Google the story, he should satisfy your bat criteria. (:
Guest 858 - days ago 
I made a kaiju
ex monster (Guest) 858 - days ago 
sunstone why are you adding monsters that are not going to be in the game ? plus everybody who is hating on the monsters that are girls there trying to make it a = a mont of male and female monsters plus i really like grimmgarls sex it is awesome plus love sunstone :)
Dinoking101 (Guest) 858 - days ago 
I think a monster that exclusivly flies would be cool. Something like a giant bat maybe? It'd be weak in melee combat, so it'd rely on sonic attacks and speed.
Will (Guest) 745 - days ago 
This is amazing! I can't wait for these series of games! I really want to see a mech character after seeing pacific rim! Not that Chelonra isn't badass enough!
Actually what are the chances that they could get Spectre-Man into the series he'd be a pretty fun nostalgic character!
Guest 727 - days ago 
Most of the monsters are werid,crazy and some are stupid..... AND IM LOVEING IT
Josh (Guest) 727 - days ago 
That's nice
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