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Height: 87 meters
Weight: 58,000 metric tons
Gender: Female
Combat Style: Melee
Primary Attacks: Teeth, Claws
Secondary Attacks: Tail
Primary Weapon: Evil Eye
Secondary Weapon:  Shadow Needles, Maw of Malice
Energy Style: Elemental Affinity (Mystic) / Tech Aversion

Overview: Grimmgarl is a massive zombie alligator, simultaneously inhabited by two Loa (Voodoo spirits). She employs mystic attacks which weaken opponents, and uses her unfeeling body to dish out punishing melee damage. She shifts between "Roaming" mode, which allows her full use of her great weight for melee combat, and "Dead Air" mode, which lifts her off the ground but allows her to more efficiently focus here mystic energy projections.

Origin: For much of the 1800s, a massive (though not Kaiju-sized!) alligator nicknamed "Peanut" roamed the Louisiana Bayous, eating at least two dozen people. It was common for people to idly wish that Peanut would attack their enemies... which became a grim reality after her death, when local practitioners of Voodoo would summon voodoo spirits, or Loa, to inhabit her corpse and perform grim deeds. In this way her reign of terror continued for decades after her death. Frequent exposure to mystical energies slowed her corpse's decomposition. 

The massive creature known as Grimmgarl was born on one particularly auspicious evening, when two rival voodooists attempted to use her body at the same time - summoning two distinct Loa to inhabit her body simultaneously. Baron Kriminel & Kalfu were both locked into the same body, compelled to perform conflicting tasks. Unable to release themselves through action, these two powerful spirits clashed, releasing massive mystic energies, which grew the Alligator's body to grow into a monstrous, and much larger, form. 

Now, Grimmgarl swims the warm waters of the Mexican Gulf, causing death and destruction wherever she appears.

Energy System: Grimmgarl recharges her own mystic energy slowly over time. Proximity, especially direct physical contact with other sources of mystic energy, increases the rate at which her mystic abilities regenerate. Conversely, robotic beings and other magic-adverse opponents can interrupt her flow of energy through direct physical contact. Grimmgarl can focus her energy to enter a special energy-conserving "Dead Air" mode, in which she hovers off the ground and sacrifices some melee power in exchange for more efficient use of energy attacks.

Ranged Combat:Grimmgarl's primary weapon is her Evil Eye - a mid-ranged glare that damages opponents in a wide swath and saps their will to fight. When empowered with energy, Grimmgarl launches deadly projectiles formed with pure shadow energy - which impale and weaken her opponents. In some cases, Grimmgarl can launch all of her mystic power at an opponent in a single, withering beam of malice.

Grappling: Grimmgarl is physically slow, which makes it difficult for her to initiate grapples. The weight of her undead flesh is hard for others to lift, which discourages grapples against her. Her massive teeth and long-reaching bite further discourage offensive grapples techniques. While in Dead Air mode, Grimmgarl is supporting most of her own weight, making it dramatically easier for opponents to grapple and hoist her successfully.

Melee Combat: While "Roaming", Grimmgarl has a wide variety of physical attacks, including her massive jaws, poisoned claw-tips, heavy tail, and her great bulk. But even more significant than her offensive potential is her ability to withstand damage. Not only does her undead body feel little physical pain, but her vital organs no longer function to keep her alive, and are thus unnecessary. Compounding this advantage, opponents under the influence of her Evil Eye will find their will to fight reduced, making their physical attacks weaker. While in Dead Air mode, Grimmgarl's melee attacks gain range and sometimes speed, but lose most of their damage potential.

Weaknesses: As a being of supernatural origin, Grimmgarl's offensive techniques are designed to attack the minds and bodies of her victims. Synthetic opponents such as robots or other tech-based Kaiju are often able to overcome these techniques, leveling the playing field against her. For purely melee-based opponents, Grimmgarl's slow physical reactions can allow quick and/or smaller Kaiju to effectively maneuver just outside her reach and thus avoid many of her attacks. Grimmgarl's two modes provide complimentary weaknesses, which she must mitigate in order to employ their complimentary strengths.

Dorthos (Guest) 848 - days ago 
Cool seriously the artist that does these must be a master of the hands
Bambooshoots (Guest) 848 - days ago 
Well my baby's here! Really happy how she turned out! I'll commission some art of her Dead Air mode later for all of your viewing pleasures. :)
Guest 848 - days ago 
wewewezing (Guest) 848 - days ago 
AWESOME BOGRIMM!!!!!!!!!! ITS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Malo (Guest) 848 - days ago 
Biplane (Guest) 848 - days ago 
Sheila lives! Well... no, actually. But... Sheila!
Mothman (Guest) 848 - days ago 
Komodo (Guest) 848 - days ago 
... For some things there are no words. And I mean that in a good way :)
D (Guest) 848 - days ago 
Well i'll be damned.This is excellent.
Guest 848 - days ago 
Grimmgarl - Awesome
Bunagi - Great looking
Maladra - Bad to the Bone
Guest 848 - days ago 
Kaiju Brains!
This is an amazing kaiju!!!
Guest 848 - days ago 
Zulugator (Guest) 848 - days ago 
Wasn't he originally named Boggrim? Still one of my favorites!
Guest 848 - days ago 
Zombie monster........................................aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwssome
Gatlin (Guest) 848 - days ago 
Welp, I finally have a kaiju I will call "my favorite." I love this. I love everything about this.

This is THE BEST.
The Observer (Guest) 848 - days ago 
This monster is a really awesome design good job to whoever made this !
Guest 848 - days ago 
At last you have arrived
Guest 847 - days ago 
That's one ugly fing looking zombie monster, AND THAT IS FING AWESONE!!! :)
killburger (Guest) 847 - days ago 
Guest 847 - days ago 
Awesome!!! It's Zombzilla
Mechadiablo Guest (Guest) 845 - days ago 
This monster is badass,details,the story of this character. Simply amazing.
Guest 845 - days ago 
seeing this i hope there will be gore and bloody violence in this game
Guest 845 - days ago 
Now, I wonder if there's going to be a Crocodile Kaiju...
Tyrannodrone475 (Guest) 835 - days ago 
Love her, lol, Evil Eye reminds me of something:

''Shush George, the Evil Eye can hear you.''

''With what mom it's Evil Ears?''
Guest 832 - days ago 
I always thought Boggrim would be next, but I came real close.
CreationZilla (Guest) 826 - days ago 
Will the "Dead Air" mode be like when SpaceGodzilla was in the air in the older Godzilla games?
Sunstone Games 825 - days ago 
Yes - SGZ's hovering is a reasonable approximation of Grimmgarl's "Dead Air" mode.
Caffeineated (Guest) 824 - days ago 
@Borthos, that's Matt Frank for you, best Kaiju artist there is, in my opinion anyhow
zillamonster (Guest) 823 - days ago 
sun stone why do you add monsters that arent going to be in the game
Guest 806 - days ago 
So... if she bites or claws at some other monster, will it become a zombie? Think about it: zombie Mecha Baz!!!
Bambooshoots (Guest) 785 - days ago 
@Guest asking about zombie virus: Alas, no... But her claw attacks (as well as her tail tip I'm hoping) do cause lingering Toxic damage over time. :)
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