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Height: 100 meters
Weight: 57,000 metric tons
Gender: Male
Combat Style: Control
Primary Attacks: Sweet Punches, Awesome Jet Kicks
Secondary Attacks: Crushing Air-Drops
Primary Weapon: Storm Bolts, Shocking Field
Secondary Weapon: Rocket Packs, Eye of the Storm
Energy Style: Elemental Affinity (Electrical)

Overview: Mecha-Baz is a giant humanoid robot who uses wrestling-style combinations and is powered by continual lightning strikes.  He uses this electrical energy to power himself, as well as his array of electrical weapons.  Because he draws storm clouds and lightning strikes to him, he can also use raw lightning strikes in an offensive capacity against opponents.  His melee strikes may also be electrically charged.  He also carries a limited number of dumb-fire rocket weapons.

Origin: Zubaz was the stage name of an unsuccessful professional wrestler from the early 1990's.  Although he scored consistently high marks for ability & technique, his career was plagued with a comedy of mistakes which prevented him from ever actually winning competitive matches.  Most famously, he had an uncanny ability to miss every appointment he made ever - which quickly made him a laughingstock among other professional wrestlers.
Zubaz was then approached by a rich benefactor, who offered to give Zubaz the chance he'd never had to make a real difference in the world - by providing his likeness and muscle memory to a gigantic robot project, named "Mecha-Baz" in his honor.  Zubaz underwent years of straining physical exams, evaluations, and programming sessions which passed all of his innate organic experience into the digital memory of the robot.
Unfortunately, in a cruel twist of irony, Mecha-Baz was not outfitted with any high-speed transportation abilities, which made him difficult to deploy quickly in response to Kaiju attacks around the globe.  Mecha-Baz quickly became know for his own inability to be places on time - a darkly comedic mirror to Zubaz's own professional failings.  In desperation, Zubaz reached out to anyone who could help salvage the project that bore his name... and found an shadowy ally who promised to help the robot compensate for his tragic lack of speed.  Mecha-Baz was transported to a remote island in the South Pacific, where he was battered with incredible electrical energies and had his programming altered in unknown ways.  When he came back, Mecha-Baz was able to harness the power of lightning - accelerating himself and enhancing his combat prowess to new heights. Unfortunately, the changes to his core programming have also left him largely unresponsive to any but the most general commands... and the full cost of his upgrades may not yet be clear to the world...

Energy System: Mecha-Baz gains energy by absorbing electrical strikes from his environment - mostly in the form of lightning bolts which periodically strike his person.  This energy is immediately stored in his energy banks, or redirected outwards when his internal batteries are full.  Storm clouds follow Mecha-Baz wherever he goes above ground, though they strike more frequently when he moves slowly or not at all.  These electrical events also provide temporary enhancements to his melee powers, and make grapples physically painful for his opponents.

Ranged Combat: Mecha-Baz can channel excess electrical energy into powerful electrical arcs which burn opponents.  He also generates a close-range field of damaging electrical energy, which varies in strength as Mecha-Baz is recharged with lightning.  When maximized, Mecha-Baz can create the awesome "Eye of the Storm" which swirls powerful storm clouds around him to discharge lightning everywhere while keeping him at maximum energy.  As a back-up, Mecha-Baz deploys to each combat with a limited number of Rockets, which do not require external power to fire.

Grappling: Mecha-Baz has a vast & reflexive knowledge of grappling and clinches - allowing him to effectively wrestle with much larger foes.  Against smaller or weaker foes, Mecha-Baz will often focus on grapples as a primary damage source.  When he can store his electrical energy during a fight, Mecha-Baz's touch can electrify opponents, giving his grapples additional damage through proximity.

Melee Combat: Mecha-Baz has adopted the semi-flashy brawling favored by pro wrestlers, where the aim of strikes is to wear down and weaken opponents rather than to knock them out.  Flying elbows, Drop-Kicks, and Haymakers feature prominently in his repertoire.  His feet contain jets which can augment his kick attacks with explosive force.   These boot jets are too weak for sustained flight, but they can give him slightly more air-maneuverability than opponents might expect.  Despite his medium-large stature, Mecha-Baz also has a solid suite of low-hitting attacks, which can trip up opponents.

Weaknesses: Mecha-Baz cannot manually charge his energy - so he can occasionally run dry in the middle of a fight.  Without energy he cannot fire weapons, or even employ most of his mobility techniques - leaving him something of a sitting duck until another lightning strike recharges him.  Mecha-Baz has a number of physical & energy-based techniques which help him to control the ebb & flow of combat to match up with his needs.  But if he cannot employ those techniques effectively, he will find that encounters can quickly turn against him.  Mecha-Baz succeeds best with careful engagements and defensive play - but sometimes it's hard for him to maintain that level of self-discipline.

Guest 845 - days ago 
Wolfking2k (Guest) 845 - days ago 
Guest 845 - days ago 
Guest 845 - days ago 
SpottedAlien (Guest) 845 - days ago 
I love this guys design! And his backstory gives off a nice vibe. His recharge is very interesting, I love how it's not really like any recharge system I've seen before.
Guest 845 - days ago 
Can you feel the storm? It's coming
Guest 845 - days ago 
Guest 845 - days ago 
Guest 845 - days ago 
Can you feel the storm? It's coming
Guest 845 - days ago 
Well, if it isn't Kineticlops and Ultra-V fused together! :D
Guest 845 - days ago 
so hype gurl!
Guest 845 - days ago 
THE STORM IS COMING! I was waiting for Matt's Mecha Zubaz to finally make an appearnce!
Raxes (Guest) 845 - days ago 
Can you feel the storm...It's coming...
Guest 844 - days ago 
How will King Ghidorah be able to defeat this guy?!
Zulugator (Guest) 844 - days ago 
I love it! Its hilarious! Just wondering, was this idea sent in by anybody named Matt?
Seratuhlis (Guest) 844 - days ago 
More giant robots please!
Guest 844 - days ago 
Don't really like the face
Anyone else just see this bot standing proudly in some gigantic wrestling ring?
Guest 844 - days ago 
Guest 844 - days ago 
A robot with a beard now i have seen everything
Guest 844 - days ago 
America's answer to jet jaguar
Dorthos (Guest) 843 - days ago 
Can you feel the storm? its coming (I love two best friends so much) I never thought Subaru would be in this
Guest 843 - days ago 
@Zulugator, the idea was submitted by Matt from "Two Best Friends Play" on YouTube!
Hashi (Guest) 843 - days ago 
Man this is the greatest character yet! Man I love that Matt form Two Best Friends Play managed to get his character into consideration. One thing that bothers me is didn't Zubaz have a wip or something?
Guest 843 - days ago 
Can you feel it?
PredalienPlush (Guest) 843 - days ago 
I think he's cool, he's kind of like a mecha-gabara, with electrical touch and everything

P.S. First comment!
D (Guest) 843 - days ago 
Why does he have drill knees?
Guest 843 - days ago 
What, no zebra print?
Guest 843 - days ago 
Robo ultra man. Must be in the game!!!!
Guest 842 - days ago 
Can you feel the storm?
Guest 842 - days ago 
Can you feel the storm.......its coming
Guest 841 - days ago 
Guest 841 - days ago 
What a freakin' masterpiece of American engineering, straight from the ice cream sammich addled mind of Matt-senpai!!! I hope we can handle the storm when it comes....
Guest 841 - days ago 
Can you feel the storm?
TheChosenPixel (Guest) 841 - days ago 
This is the fucking hypest!
Guest 840 - days ago 
Best Character Ever! The world needs to know about Zubaz
Guest 840 - days ago 
the Street Fighter game makers need to see this
Ant Cap (Guest) 840 - days ago 
fuck yeah. two best friends are awesome.
D (Guest) 838 - days ago 
Really don't like the drill knees.What if he knees someone in the balls?Think about that.
Guest 835 - days ago 
IT'S OVER 9000!!!
MikeCheungKILLS (Guest) 834 - days ago 
god like
Guest 831 - days ago 
☆☆☆☆☆ <- 5 stars!
Guest 829 - days ago 
Godzilla's gonna have his claws full dealing this guy!
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