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If you have substantive comments on Tornaq, please consider sharing them in her official design discussion thread on the Sunstone Games Community Forums

Height: 95 meters
Weight: 55,000 metric tons
Gender: Female
Combat Style: Control
Primary Attacks: Claws, Teeth
Secondary Attacks: Ice Spines
Primary Weapon: Ice Blast
Secondary Weapon: Armor Shatter
Energy Style: Fury

Overview: Tornaq is a guardian spirit made flesh - in this case her flesh has taken the form of an enormous polar bear.  Tornaq is the embodiment of arctic fury, and has more than enough power to maul her opponents at close range.  Her ice blast slows and damages opponents.  Tornaq can encase her forearms in a heavy sheet of ice - slowing her melee attacks but increasing their power.  She can also encase her torso in ice as a form of armor.  Both types of armor can be shattered on the ground as an additional short-range attack.

Origin: Tornaq guards the wild places in the north - preserving the land and the animals that live on it.  She is often aggressive, thinning herds and uprooting land as necessary to maintain balance.  Most of the time Tornaq sleeps beneath the earth, resting her strength and monitoring the land in dreams.  When the first Kaiju appeared on earth, Tornaq took note in her slumber, and began to dream of a form for herself powerful enough to maintain balance against even the most imposing of foes.

Energy System: Tornaq increases energy through close-quarters combat.  As she fights her fury builds, allowing her to call upon arctic forces of snow and ice to enhance her combat abilities.  When out of combat, Tornaq's fury begins to drain.  Once per match Tornaq may encase herself in a block of ice to enter a state of intense hibernation - building both health and energy at a rapid pace.

Ranged Combat: Tornaq can summon powerful Ice Blasts, which slow and damage opponents at range.  This blast takes the form of a cone from her mouth, and thus cannot be blocked by obstacles.  Tornaq can also freeze her arms or torso for additional damage or protection, respectively.  These icy crusts are fragile enough to shatter when Tornaq drops to all fours (as she must in order to run quickly), and the icy splinter shards damage anything nearby when she does so.
Tornaq's hibernation block creates an enormous explosion of ice shards when she ends her hibernation - but she may do this only once per combat.

Grappling: Tornaq is a powerful grappling opponent, with a number of signature methods for extracting pain from her helpless opponents.  The glyphs on her arms and torso serve not only to protect her flesh from harm, but also lend her great strength for lifting and throwing.  Unlike most grappling kaiju, Tornaq is able to inflict Grapple Attacks just as well as she might lift or toss opponents.

Melee Combat: Tornaq's clawed hands & feet deal heavy edged damage in melee range.  Tornaq can encrust her forearms with ice - changing her attacks into hard-hitting blunt clubs.  Tornaq also has powerful jaws to bite with, and icy spines on her back with which to impale helpless opponents.  Tornaq may drop to all fours to run quickly, though doing so will shatter any armors she has formed.  To fight effectively, Tornaq must choose carefully between speed and damage.

Weaknesses: Tornaq is quite slow when walking on only two legs, and even slower when armored.  Her ranged attack is fast and effective, but doesn't deal much raw damage.  Her armor requires energy to form, but she requires melee combat to regain energy - so it can be difficult for her to use her armored form without running out of energy completely.  Her hibernation is a very potent tool if used judiciously, but using it takes her out of the fight for a few seconds - which can be disastrous in multi-monster battles.

Animation Guidelines: 
  • Personality: Tornaq is not especially slow or lumbering, but she is very deliberate about her movements.  Her steps are wide, so they cover significant distance without pounding the ground too frequently.  Her attacks are slower than most, but their higher damage makes up for the difference.  But most importantly, Tornaq needs to give off an aura of strength - she exudes the possibility of sudden explosive action.  The longer she keeps up her slower pace, the more fearful her opponents become of her eventual break-out.
  • Combat Focus: Tornaq can play a defensive game with her ice armor, or she can keep her mobility higher to chase down and maul opponents.  Tornaq is angry when she fights - because anyone who fights her is by extension threatening the balance she exists to preserve.  Tornaq is not fighting to kill - she wants to scare her opponents off and prove the power of her arctic realm.  So she very much plays an intimidation game with her opponents - giving them the initiative in exchange for making herself appear to be an impenetrable guardian.
  • Special Considerations: Tornaq's ice clubs and ice armor need to work with her standard attack animations, rather than creating duplicate animation sets.  We will need to build these additional shapes to test her animations with from the outset.

jayssan (Guest) 1075 - days ago 
Kyotita (Guest) 1069 - days ago 
I LOVE the front profile of this beast...the way the spikes bloom out from the head looks AMAZING.
Guest 1056 - days ago 
I know who I'm playing as when this comes out. Is it weird that I find Tornaq absolutely adorable?
hyeniathepure 1054 - days ago 
I can see her and my kaiju being friends.
Guest 1050 - days ago 
I really like the fact that she is a female kaiju because we need more of them.
KronusKhaos. (Guest) 1045 - days ago 
NOW THATS WICKED! I didnt even need to read it thats just bad ass. lol
... (Guest) 1031 - days ago 
This. Is. Epic. So far this and Macrosaurus are my favorite or the new monsters.
Guest 1021 - days ago 
Do want!
jacob (Guest) 1015 - days ago 
the fact that she is a she makes her a badass charater
Guest 1014 - days ago 
Monsuno, anyone?
Kory B. Frizzletoot (Guest) 1014 - days ago 
yeah this looks like Monsuno
Sunstone Games 1014 - days ago 
Yes - we discovered Monsuno after we had settled on the character's final look & colors. Very similar, but easy to tell apart. One key difference is that Tornaq is all bear - she has a bear's head. Monsuno, on the other hand, has a Siberian Tiger's head. And thematically / animation wise / combat wise they are nothing alike.
Guest 1014 - days ago 
Not cool, dude. I happen to know Jeremy Padawer, creator of Monsuno, and I think he'd be VERY interested in checking this out.
Guest 1014 - days ago 
@ guest above: Fry, Not sure if threat, or a compliment... -.-

Anyway, after looking up this "monsuno" thing very different, also that pokemon Beartic existed before monsuno even... so monsuno is just ripping off a pokemon by that logic... polar bears are "free game"

Anyway I happen to like Tornaq's design, the assymetrical icicle claw thing is awesome!
Sunstone Games 1014 - days ago 
If you can direct his interest to Tornaq, please do so! We'd love to get any potential tension out in the open sooner rather than later. Open & honest discussion should clear things up.
Me...Guest (Guest) 990 - days ago 
This monster looks very familiar to the norn bear artwork for Guild wars
Guest 988 - days ago 
What's a 'Monsuno'?
Auston Williams (Guest) 988 - days ago 
this is way better than a carebear
Guest 988 - days ago 
the cold bear from the north! it's way more awesome than imagined! it that an eye on it's ice paw? that is REALLY awesome!!!!!!!!
Guest 988 - days ago 
monsunos are basically a mixture of bakugan and yu-gi-o that are in little mechanical cylinders that become huge monsters oncve released and the main one, lock is a polar bear monster.
David(Guest) (Guest) 978 - days ago 
Awesome kaiju design and back-story! Just 1 thing--since she is mammalian AND ice-based, wouldn't she also be vulnerable to fire and extreme heat attacks?
monster lover (Guest) 972 - days ago 
this thing looks so cool cant wait to see all thes monster persnaltys and looks in the game
the helper (Guest) 967 - days ago 
why couldnt the game be for console but still this games and its monsters look really good i hope you guys make it for a console eventualy and ihopethey still put godzillamonstersonit because the originals are always good
mamatea (Guest) 959 - days ago 
Red (Guest) 958 - days ago 
I really want to see godzilla fight all these new kaiju's
Gold (Guest) 942 - days ago 
D (Guest) 937 - days ago 
Yes a giant bear. should have King kong fight her.
Guest 928 - days ago 
her rage attack could be turning the enviroment into a frozen wasteland, along with freezing the opponent
gorillawhale (Guest) 914 - days ago 
I like her! I'd keep the tattoos to one arm though, with the ice claws permanently sticking out.
Guest 852 - days ago 
her enemy could be a fire sprit in a lizerd body
Guest 828 - days ago 
I'm loving this but i gotta ask if the original monsters are brought into the game (Godzilla, Rodan...) will the ybe in Matt Frank's ''Neo'' design
Guest 822 - days ago 
Could tornaq's running animation involve her sprinting on her 4 paws?
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