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Height: 112 meters
Weight: 73,000 metric tons
Gender: Male
Combat Style: Melee
Primary Attacks: Stone-Encrusted Fists, Stone Tail
Secondary Attacks: Explosive Fists
Primary Weapon: Electrical Discharge, Explosive Shards
Secondary Weapon: Earthquakes
Energy Style: Hunger

Overview: Tursacra is a massive creature who slumbers beneath the Irish countryside.  He is covered in stones, which he uses both offensively and defensively.  His long spiked tail can cause earthquakes, and he can discharge electrical energy at short range.  He thrives on destruction, replenishing his energy by absorbing the broken materials around himself.

Origin: 4,000 years ago, the magic of Ireland coalesced around the Hill of Tara, where it sat formless for many years.  That changed when the demon Balor came - wreaking destruction across the land with his baleful gaze.  In this time of crisis, Tursacra arose to drive out evil, surrounding himself with armor made of earth and stone.
During his slumbers, the people of Ireland could still feel the greatness of Tursacra's magic, and Irish Kings would come to the Hill of Tara, hoping to hear Tursacra's roar of approval.  Tursacra has manifested only a handful of times, such as when the Sorceress of the Unspoken came to power, or to battle the Enchanter of Broken Souls.  Even today, Tursacra remains vigilant should the need come again for his stalwart defense.

Energy System: Tursacra gains energy from the destruction around him.  Bringing down large structures or otherwise destroying the environment creates loose minerals, which he can harvest to replenish the stone he expends during weapon attacks.  In lieu of breaking things, Tursacra can draw stone from the earth directly - though doing so is a much slower process.

Ranged Combat: Tursacra uses a short-range bolt of green electricity to wear down opponents, but his most devastating ranged weapon are the stone shards he hurls at opponents, and detonates on command.  In addition to significant damage, these timed explosions can distract and interrupt enemy actions - allowing Tursacra to gain the initiative.  Tursacra can also use his mighty stone tail to cause localized earthquakes, which trip up monsters and are an excellent way to clear out nearby obstructions!

Grappling: Tursacra is strong, but slow.  Agile opponents are often able to escape his grasp, so against all but the most lumbering of opponents Tursacra tends to rely on his melee abilities.  Tursacra is also very heavy, so very few opponents will attempt to grapple with him.

Melee Combat: Tursacra's heavily armored body and powerful stone fists are an incredible pair.  Tursacra can detonate the stone encrustations on his fists on impact - causing massive additional explosive damage.  His tail is an excellent melee tool as well - striking both low and mid-level targets with great impact.  Although he has low mobility, Tursacra's long arms give him surprising reach and striking speed within a modest distance.  His jumps allow him to stretch out even further, though at the cost of some mobility.

Weaknesses: Tursacra is quite slow, and his stone shard projectiles are hard to aim around obstacles.  Tursacra often focuses his attention on clearing out an open space to fight in - which simultaneously recharges his energy!  Very fast opponents can evade the stone shards, forcing Tursacra to rely on his weaker (but low energy-cost) electrical discharge ability to strike at range.  In melee combat, Tursacra has only his tail to deal Edged damage with, which can be limiting against other heavily armored opponents.

Animation Guidelines: 
  • Personality: Tursacra lumbers like a cranky old man who is tired of kids messing up his lawn.  He doesn't have any particular malice - but he knows the order things should take, and it irritates him to see the world out of alignment.  He moves slowly not because he is big or heavy (though he is) but because he's simply not in too much of a hurry - he knows he'll arrive in time to set things right, so why make a fuss about it?
  • Combat Focus: Tursacra is an unstoppable force - but not a very swiftly-moving one.  He carefully builds up energy and position, and then unleashes it for tremendous damage in a few short bursts.  He uses his tail for longer-reaching attacks, and his arms have surprising reach on their own!  Tursacra's fist attacks are sometimes quick, but are usually ponderous.
  • Special Considerations: Tursacra's back protrusions may prove problematic for his faceup_prone animations.

Wewewezing (Guest) 895 - days ago 
Cool PS FIRST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!
Guest 895 - days ago 
Huh, cool!
Guest 895 - days ago 
Amazing creatire! Can't wait to see it in action
Guest 895 - days ago 
He has a body similar to Orga's
Guest 895 - days ago 
Nessie ain't got nothing on him
Guest 895 - days ago 
Words can not describe how much I like this kaiju. He's HUGE, Irish (I've never seen an Irish kaiju before!), "earthy", magic, and reptilian(?)! I think I may even like him more than my own...

He does look pretty similar to the wardens from Darksiders... But I loved those guys so whatever. :)
Guest 895 - days ago 
Its a golem! Well, sort of... I like it!
Godzillajtn (Guest) 895 - days ago 
I'm glad so many people like my kaiju!:)
Joshua Batts (Guest) 895 - days ago 
He looks like those creatures that has a spikey tail from ice age
Shnurbinator (Guest) 895 - days ago 
This is a neat design.
Guest 894 - days ago 
He is huge!
Guest 894 - days ago 
Stonehenge Gamera
Guest 894 - days ago 
He's a good guy too. We never seem to be able to get characters who are inherently good. Him and gaonaga being good guys is cool.
Zilla (Guest) 894 - days ago 
D (Guest) 894 - days ago 
Wow. I am breathless.
D (Guest) 894 - days ago 
He would crush Katyusha. Because of the humans in the artwork at the bottom. Also Katyusha is cool.
ex monster (Guest) 893 - days ago 
hyeniathepure 893 - days ago 
When I see this guy I can't help but think of the game Shadow of the Colossus.
Azhurel (Guest) 893 - days ago 
Macro suckes this guy would destroy him
Guest 893 - days ago 
He a great combo of a dinosaur monster and a golem monster. He also ressembles ultimate humungosaur from ben 10 ultimate alien
Guest 893 - days ago 
He should be a boss character in story mode but unlockable
Dorthos (Guest) 892 - days ago 
Is that the biggest monster in the game so far? Holy Jesus it's bigger than the gods in the game!
Guest 890 - days ago 
Bigger than the gods? He IS a god!
BlueScarabGuy (Guest) 888 - days ago 
Looks like something out of Shadow of the Colossus. Which is, of course, a great place, outside of actual Kaiju fiction like Godzilla and Gamera, to find inspiration for Kaiju.
D (Guest) 888 - days ago 
Guest below I agreed.
D (Guest) 886 - days ago 
I mean agree

hyeniathepure 885 - days ago 
Lol. Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks he looks like a colossus. :)
Guest 883 - days ago 
He's is big Earth Defender wait is he a Earth Defender
Guest 882 - days ago 
"Tursacra lumbers like a cranky old man who is tired of kids messing up his lawn." I see what you did there. (Pretty much what I imagined too!)
Guest 872 - days ago 
Now that's a monster!
D (Guest) 870 - days ago 
Wait, He's a titan.
Malo (Guest) 859 - days ago 
Because of his arm shields, when he uses them to block would it defend more damage then other monsters blocking?
Godzillajtn (Guest) 854 - days ago 
@Malo, I think that's how it'll work.
Guest 853 - days ago 
looks like a rock version of Gamera

Guest 842 - days ago 
What do the symbols say?
Godzillajtn (Guest) 838 - days ago 
They don't say anything. They're just random markings Matt Frank drew.
Guest 828 - days ago 
Torterra use solar beam!
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