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If you have substantive comments on Macrosaurus, please consider sharing them in his official design discussion thread on the Sunstone Games Community Forums

Height: 85 meters
Weight: 80,000 metric tons
Gender: Male
Combat Style: Charging
Primary Attacks: Teeth
Secondary Attacks: Tail, Charge
Primary Weapon: Putrid Cloud
Secondary Weapon: Reality Tear
Energy Style: Hunger
(Roar Audio Previews Here and Here)

Overview: Macrosaurus is an enormously fat Tyrannosaurus Rex.  He is so fat that his arms are totally useless, and he cannot jump.  He has a hugely powerful mouth, and an insatiable appetite.  He can eat almost anything at all without injury, and frequently does!

Origin: Macrosaurus is a terrestrial dinosaur who developed an immense appetite.  His body managed to adapt to his ridiculous food intake by storing energy quickly in the form of fat.  His increasing size made ever-increasing portions a necessity - and so Macrosaurus very quickly eliminated his original food sources.  In desperation he began to metabolize rocks & earth - which kept him alive but could not satisfy his hunger.
Somehow, his desperation led this perfect eating-machine to bite a hole in the fabric of spacetime itself - creating vortexes to other eras and locations.  At first Macrosaurus satisfied himself by eating whatever material came through these rips - but eventually he forced himself through one.  Now untethered by time and space, Macrosaurus treats the universe as his personal buffet.

Energy System: Macrosaurus is fueled by his hunger.  Eating objects from the environment will increase his energy meter.  Macrosaurus may also eat powerups for enhanced effects.

Ranged Combat: Macrosaurus can give an enormous belch, releasing a choking cloud all around him.  By belching longer, he can increase the size of this cloud, which persists for quite a while on the battlefield.  Macrosaurus is immune to his own cloud, but any other monster who enters it will be significantly hampered.  Macrosaurus uses this cloud as a tool to limit the mobility of his opponents.
In addition to his belch, Macrosaurus can literally tear a hole in reality with his massive jaws - spawning random objects into the arena.  These can be used to strike opponents directly as they spawn, they can be picked up and thrown at opponents, or they may simply be eaten.

Grappling: Macrosaurus grabs objects and other monsters with his giant mouth.  He has difficulty lifting monsters in this way, but he can deal so much damage simply by grappling with them that he often doesn't need to actually win the grapple to come out ahead.  When Macrosaurus lifts an object such as a boulder or building, he may choose to consume the object for energy.

Melee Combat: Macrosaurus relies on his incredible bulk in combat.  He is surprisingly swift, and charges through his opponents like a bull in a china shop.  His massive bulk allows him to blunt the charge attacks of other monsters with ease.  He has deadly stomp attacks which create stunning quakes in his immediate vicinity.

Weaknesses: Macrosaurus is so heavy that he cannot jump normally, which restricts his mobility significantly.  He can expend energy to jump, but even then his jumps are quite small and slow compared to other monsters.  However, Macrosaurus has access to some of his most devastating attacks from the air - including the dreaded "Doom Flop".  Macrosaurus also requires objects to regain energy, so after a long fight he may find himself without additional fuel.  He can spawn objects to eat, but the process takes quite a while and leaves him vulnerable to attack during his snack.

Animation Guidelines: 
  • Personality: Macrosaurus does everything with gusto - or not at all!  He would forget to keep fighting his opponent if they didn't stay nearby.  But once Macrosaurus sets his (tiny) mind to something, he doesn't bother re-evaluating his position based on new evidence.  When Macrosaurus gets something he wants (usually food) he can be very happy!
  • Combat Focus: Macrosaurus is all about charging - his high weight and quick speed make him a bull in a china shop.  His arms are useless for combat.  His basic "jab" attacks are belly bumps.  His feet can kick forward, but are a bit slow when doing so.  Macrosaurus's jaw is quite formidable - being both damaging and quick.  But he has limited agility for using it against opponents.  When charging, Macrosaurus lowers his head to strike with the crown of his skull.  He also has several object-spawning animations which revolve around VFX placed on his jaw.
  • Special Considerations: We will need to create objects for Macrosaurus to spawn.  His clinch animations will need to use his mouth - which could be tricky.

Lewshizz (Guest) 1099 - days ago 
Wonderous, simply wonderous... To bad I am no elidgable for backong 500$ but you my friend have just made a good monster... Tell me would his rip time move be as his "rage" move?
If i want to make a monster and i have an a sketch where do i have tosend it.
Kyotita (Guest) 1073 - days ago 
Great Roars~ they fit very well
Hedorah1971 (Guest) 1072 - days ago 
Wow! I really like the turn-arounds of Macro. It really gives me a sense of how FAT this guy really is! Love this guy
So he's a walking Jabba the hutt.And I get their all melee fighters but you need ones that can fly as well
Cameron (Guest) 1063 - days ago 
Hey Simon, I think you should add a couple of teeth to the upper jaw on the model.
Angelo (Guest) 1061 - days ago 
That Kaiju is awesome!
Guest 1057 - days ago 
He reminds me of a (fatter) crock from rampage! I love this! I also love all the monsters spooky roars, Macrosaurus is AWESOME!
Guest 1055 - days ago 
he looks like gorosaurus
KronusKhaos. (Guest) 1046 - days ago 
I dig it. i really do. not bad man.
Jenny (Guest) 1045 - days ago 
I had no idea Mac was gonna put his character in this! Haha its an interesting surprise to say the least and Matt made an awesome rendition of the muffin eaten Rex. tee hee~
Guest 1037 - days ago 
biollantes got some compatition
Q (Guest) 1024 - days ago 
You know if he farted isntead of belched not only could he have his poison cloud effect but he can also launch himself into the air with his own rear door explosion allowing him to perform his doom flop ability on opponents.
Guest 1023 - days ago 
When is this coming out.
Sunstone Games 1023 - days ago 
Kickstarter funding begins November 13th - two days from now! If successful, we hope to launch in September 2013.
Guest 1021 - days ago 
It looks like... an inflation fetishist drew it.
Guest 1017 - days ago 
oh this is so hot...i love fat dinosaurs with a passion
DudeBro69420 (Guest) 1017 - days ago 
^ Wow
Guest 1017 - days ago 
Shouldn't his combat style be Charging?
Sunstone Games 1016 - days ago 
That is an excellent point - we had not named that combat style when this was first written. We'll update.
Guest 1015 - days ago 
So he's both melee and charging?
CarNo65 (Guest) 1014 - days ago 
So a fast, fat, hungry and fat T-Rex.
Heh, I like it
Guest 1009 - days ago 
macro is really just awesome. the jaw design, the bloating in the stomach and that thick neck always catches my eye.

also, i think an upchuck sort of attack would be cool. just vomit slime all over the enemy.
Guest 997 - days ago 
Thoroughly impressed with this project and especially this design! As someone with a bit of experience in the field, I worry that the difficulty and therefore cost of animating some of the overly complicated character designs could get excessive. It's good to see basic designs that still stand out like this one, the kangaroo and the platypus. Here's hoping this project will be successful!
Guest 997 - days ago 
^I wondered about the more complex creations as well, but every backer gets a chance to talk with Simon Strange and Matt Frank, ironing out designs and keeping things interesting, yet not budget-busting... If they can handle Moratitan, I'd love to see what else they can do!
Guest 993 - days ago 
this is how u spell epic my friends: M A C R O S A U R U S. THE GUY IS FRICIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest 990 - days ago 
By FAR my favourite
da bowss (Guest) 988 - days ago 
Macro, just cause kazi rex (cryptid trex) put on sum pounds doesn't mean he cant fight off other kaijus.
Kimarous (Guest) 988 - days ago 
Now, I have no idea what kind of role or storyline Macrosaurus might end up with beyond his background lore, but viewing things from a "what if he got his own kaiju movie" perspective, his reality-eating abilities sound rather... potent to a madman and would-be conqueror. The efforts to tame him or harvest his powers definitely sounds like it has some story potential. Enough for a book plot in the same vein as Nemesis, mayhap?
Derzerb5 (Guest) 985 - days ago 
Could his reality tear spawn random things? Such as meteors, space debris, fireballs, cosmic storms, or even other kaiju? Maybe that tear could turn into a black hole(located either in the location of the map he bit or directly in his jaws) or if he swallows a fireball/cosmic bolt, he could discharge that power for a limited amount of time(like Yoshi) That would be cool, although I do realize that my ideas seems to clash with his play style as being a more physical character.
DuckMan (Guest) 984 - days ago 
Macrosaurus is my favourite , he is so hilarious
Guest 984 - days ago 
Macrosaurus, or as i call him "Big Mac", is by far my favorite monster in the game, period. He's not just fat... he's phat!
Guest 984 - days ago 
@Derzerb5: That actually sounds like a neat idea! Even if Macrosaurus is meant to be a charging character he still needs soe ranged attacks, and swallowing things and launching attacks with them Yoshi-style seems like it fits his character.
Guest 984 - days ago 
It would be cool if Big Mac, as the previous guest called him, opens his mouth and starts pulling things into it, like a black hole. Xorn II, of X-Men, did this to great effect:
Guest 984 - days ago 
Just to clear up the confusion if any exists, "Big Mac" is a play on words... McDonalds Big Mac burgers are notorious for making people overweight.
Derzerb5 (Guest) 982 - days ago 
@Guest: I'm so very glad that someone else thinks that my ideas cool! Hopefully Sunstone considers this idea. Should I exchange this idea on the forum?
Guest 982 - days ago 
If Godzilla is in this game (or any game in the series) and he fights Macrosaurus, the battle would be awesome enough to make me cry; *sobbing*!
Guest 982 - days ago 
@Derzerb5: Absolutely! If you're a member of the design team, you can post it in Macrosaurus' Thread. If you're not PayPal pledges are open now so you can still become one!
Derzerb5 (Guest) 982 - days ago 
@Guest: I think your right, & for pledging my $75(not trying to be a showboat) at the last minute, maybe I should exercise my right of being a member of the design team.
Derzerb5 (Guest) 982 - days ago 
Speaking of black holes, that Xorn reference was a good example.
Guest 978 - days ago 
Will Macrosaurus be able to eat other characters like Riptor from Killer Instinct?
ButterMan32 (Guest) 975 - days ago 
I know someone that has been packing on some christmas pounds...... :)
Guest 968 - days ago 
epic new monster
red (Guest) 967 - days ago 
wow godzilla's gonna have a good time fighting this guy
Red (Guest) 958 - days ago 
Macrosaurus should breath a toxic belch cloud that combust and explodes when exposed to a fire or energy blast attack
Red (Guest) 958 - days ago 
Why does he have four toes real t-rexes fat or not have three toes i'm sorry i had to point that out
XD001 (Guest) 946 - days ago 
I hope this game will have the same graphics and gameplay from Godzilla unleashed and a good story line to play

XD001 (Guest) 946 - days ago 
Macro needs a more intimidating roar
Lancexdragonite (Guest) 946 - days ago 
He should be resistant to physical attacks due to all his....fat and should have the ability to cause earthquakes
megamat-matt (Guest) 946 - days ago 
Is gorosaurus going to be in this game because I would love to pit him up against macro
J4ERT (Guest) 946 - days ago 
Macrosaurus should only have three toes like real dinosaurs not four
Guest 943 - days ago 
he looks awsome
Guest 940 - days ago 
Love this guy. He's the living avatar of everlasting hunger. He's not good; he's not evil. He just wants to eat everyone and everything. I can't wait to bite holes in the fabric of space itself with this one.
Frostlasher (Guest) 925 - days ago 
There needs to be a better explanation on Macrosaurus bites through the fabic of time and space when you think about it isn't it a little ilogical for something to just bite throgh the fabric of time and and space just by sheer hunger and desperation it would be better it there was a more logical reason for his special ability like aliens for example or maybe a crystal or anything besides pure hunger and desperation
Guest 925 - days ago 
Well just by looking at it appears that none of the flying monsters are going to be able to hoist Macro in the air or lift him an inch of the ground or am I wrong
Guest 919 - days ago 
Macrosaurus should have a move where he sits on other monsters!
Guest 918 - days ago 
Godzilla needs a diet
Varan Bon Ziller (Guest) 909 - days ago 
All this talk of logic.What ever happened with just having fun?
molon (Guest) 909 - days ago 
Macrosaurus es el protagonista de kaiju combat
Caffeineated (Guest) 907 - days ago 
He's a Kaiju, they're campy by nature, his power andit's source is pure and simple. If you need to just think that his hunger grew so great that the emotions caused by pain and desire became so massive that even this psychically insensitive beast was able to psychically affect reality, which manifested as him nom nom nomming the fabric of reality
Mothman (Guest) 907 - days ago 
I'm happy that he's part of the roster! He may have been a shoe-in, but I'm still satisfied.
Guest 901 - days ago 
Macrosaurus is awesome
Guest 899 - days ago 
This guy looks like he'd be in the Heisei Godzilla series. All those monsters had a bad diet problem.
Guest 896 - days ago 
yay we got Macrosaurus
I'm a rising computer animatin artisit I wold make him spwn things frome other maps like rocks cars etc.
Guest 855 - days ago 
he is my favorite
Guest 848 - days ago 
Am I the only guy that finds this monster adorable?
monster caos (Guest) 847 - days ago 
he is so cute
Guest 847 - days ago 
yes yes he is
Dinoboy (Guest) (Guest) 840 - days ago 
THE FINAL IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO EPIC, if this game comes out on Xbox or Wii I am totally gonna get it and be Macro!
Dinoboy (Guest) (Guest) 836 - days ago 
How can Macrosaurus beam fight?
Dinoboy (Guest) (Guest) 833 - days ago 
Oh and guys dinosaurs have 4 toes! 3 on the front and a smaller back one. Who is to say that when Macro got fat he needed the forth toe for extra support? But really Beam Fighting. Macrosaurus. HOW?
Guest 824 - days ago 
^ He could concentrate his gas cloud into a beam by narrowing his mouth.

Guest 820 - days ago 
This monster looks like something out of a Godzilla movie!Thats a plus for you guys.The design is simple yet somehow creative.
Dinoboy (Guest) (Guest) 819 - days ago 
I think Macrosaurus should use his portals to negate beam attacks if he cant beam fight...
Guest 811 - days ago 
if he bites the fabric of spae and time won't he cause paradoxes
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