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Height: 90 meters
Weight: 30,000 metric tons
Gender: Female
Combat Style: Control (Counters)
Primary Attacks: Hands, Feet
Secondary Attacks: Tail
Primary Weapon: Kaze-en (Fire Wind Blast)
Secondary Weapon: Tornado Vortex
Energy Style: Meditation

Overview: DragonLotus is a terrestrial Martial Artist who uses unknown alien technology to augment her size, strength, and stamina.  She also has an empathic connection to the wind, by which she can summon tornadoes and hold herself aloft - though she is still learning to use this ability to its full potential.  Although gigantic she is quite slight compared to most Kaiju Opponents, so when battling Kaiju she relies on Martial techniques to use their size and weight against them.

Origin: Mara fled from her home when she was just a girl, and found sanctuary with the monks of the yellow flower school.  There she grew up studying martial arts and philosophy with her teachers.  She always excelled in athletic pursuits, and she was especially drawn to the defensive and protective elements of hand-to-hand combat.  Mara learned that discipline and rigor allowed her to make her own path in life, free from the nefarious goals of others.  One morning, before sunrise, Mara was awakened by a Kaiju attack in the village below the school.  Rushing to aid the wounded in the village, Mara was suddenly drawn to a bright point of light on the ground, which seemed to be emanating from a source high in the sky.  As she approached the light Mara became aware of a great presence enveloping her, and she felt a connection begin to form within her.  Fearlessly, Mara embraced the light and assumed the form of a giant armored defender named the DragonLotus, and in this form drove the attacking Kaiju back into the earth.  Now Mara studies new questions with her teacher - where do the Kaiju come from?  Why do they attack us?
And what must I do to preserve our freedom?

Energy System: DragonLotus must consciously control her breathing and focus her mind to restore her Chi energy through meditation.  She can do this during combat, but she must pause for a moment to begin the technique.  If she can avoid taking damage during the meditation she can regain her full energy in rapid order.  If interrupted or forced to take other actions she will regain only partial energy.

Ranged Combat: DragonLotus can direct her energy into a focused blast of fire & heat from the mouth of her mask - which she calls Kaze-en (Fire Wind Blast).  Her wind manipulation helps to subtly focus and aim the stream of flame.
In addition DragonLotus can form a vortex of air similar to a tornado.  These tornados are not well controlled, and will damage DragonLotus as easily as they will damage anyone else, so they are mostly a long-range option.

Grappling: DragonLotus cannot effectively hoist opponents over her head due to her smaller size & weight.  However, as a result of her Martial training, DragonLotus has dramatically improved counter-attack and counter-charge options, which she employs judiciously to destroy her opponents.  Offensively, DragonLotus has several stunning and crippling attacks, which can prevent her opponents from delivering powerful blows.

Melee Combat: DragonLotus has combined several Martial forms into her own "Snapdragon" style, which gives her excellent striking technique.  She is still learning how best to adapt her techniques to the massive scale of Kaiju Battles, so her melee prowess is average overall, with occasional moments of beauty.

Weaknesses: DragonLotus does not have the bulk or the ferocity to stand toe-to-toe with her opponents physically, so she must rely on her technique to make up the difference.  Her throws, stuns, wind powers and ranged attacks make her a potent combatant, but she must constantly anticipate and adapt to make the most of her strengths.  DragonLotus possesses a strong sense of duty and honor, which compels her to fight on even after sustaining damage that would force more feral Kaiju to flee.

Animation Guidelines: 
  • Personality: DragonLotus is a protector - but she's also a new kaiju unsure of her abilities.  She does not want to initiate - she just wants to defend.  Physically she is smaller and slighter than most of her opponents - but she is not especially fast.  Rather, she uses her smaller profile to evade within melee range, or thereabouts.  DragonLotus is a trained martial artist, so she is very good with her footwork, stances, and flow.
  • Combat Focus: DragonLotus is a graceful martial artist, with a focus on fluid evasion, counter-attacks, and exposing her opponent's weaknesses.  She has several fast lunging attacks - both forward and away - and her wind powers allow her to be especially effective in the air.
  • Special Considerations: DragonLotus has a long tail, which will need to be animated in a significant portion of her animations - much more than other tail-bearing monsters.

Kyotita (Guest) 1050 - days ago 
So she is a female Monster X almost ?_?
Sunstone Games 1050 - days ago 
I see what you mean physically - but her powers and fighting-style are radically different.
jayssan (Guest) 1048 - days ago 
Mike Roberge (Guest) 1024 - days ago 
The turnaround photo is amazing
Mexicankaiju (Guest) (Guest) 1024 - days ago 
Her Turnaround looks EXCELLENT.
Guest 1022 - days ago 
I really like her design it gives off a unique vibe.
Guest 1012 - days ago 
definately will move around the city easier than the other monsters, im expecting some almost parkour like animations for the fluid movements a martial arts specialist would have, if they use that reference to the best of their ability.
Guest 1009 - days ago 
wow. you sure this isn't a female Monster X. cause it's foolin' me a lot
Guest 990 - days ago 
this looks great, Sure hope this game turns out well.
DudeBro69420 (Guest) 989 - days ago 
Definitely unique looking. Looks cool.
Guest 984 - days ago 
This is a shoe-in to get in. ...Because boring designs always make the cut. :(
Guest 969 - days ago 
Kinda like SpontaeneusFork's Celestialclaw.
Guest 963 - days ago 
So... she's like the lovechild of Mothra and Jet Jaguar? I can get down with that.

Still, not too crazy about the name; never really been a fan of "MultipleCapital" types. That could use a little work, but otherwise, I'm all behind it.
Kaijuduke (Guest) 960 - days ago 
Awesome design! Reminds me of a Super Sentai heroine crossed with a traditional kaiju, makes for a great combination.
Joe England (Guest) 957 - days ago 
So she's an ultra/sentai type, magical girl, and kaiju all rolled into one. The ultimate Tokusatsu protagonist!
Used_Books (Guest) 957 - days ago 
As much as I love the design, I really would push for a space between Dragon and Lotus. It looks too much like a Deviantart username as is.
Ian Greene (Guest) 957 - days ago 
She looks HOT! Also, nice job for mixing together Magical Girl anime, Tokukatsu and giant monster movies together. What will her human form look like?
Derzerb5 (Guest) 954 - days ago 
Reminds me of a Gransazer villain. Does anyone else remember Gransazers?
Derzerb5 (Guest) 954 - days ago 
I'm glad the tail is located behind the hips instead on the back or head, like a pony tail, like some people design reptoids(reptile humanoids).
RobotGodAkamatsu (Guest) 954 - days ago 
A fun character to illustrate ;)
Guest 950 - days ago 
Already my favorite!!
Guest 949 - days ago 
Why do I imagine Olragon fighting along side her?
red (Guest) 939 - days ago 
her and monster x would make a good couple
Guest 938 - days ago 
This one sucks she seems more human than alien or monsteris
Guest 930 - days ago 
What I particularly like about DL is is the whole "organic armor" concept, she reminds me of a Power Ranger Suit mixed with an actual dragon. (Which I'm guessing was what was being aimed for, so good job with that! I never thought such a "humanish" kaiju could look so good!) :)
Red (Guest) 930 - days ago 
She should turn into a dragon like monster x
Guest 899 - days ago 
She's like ultraman but with a bit of power ranger and godzilla
D (Guest) 894 - days ago 
Ok i have a idea. What if you guys drew the kaiju in there forms before they were kaiju.
gorillawhale (Guest) 887 - days ago 
I'd get rid of the tail or at least makes the arms more like it. Such a slender humanoid form like that seems odd with a tail.
Mechadiablo (Guest) (Guest) 887 - days ago 
I really like this character. Who ever come up with this character, I'll give that person two thumbs up.
Varan Bon Ziller (Guest) 881 - days ago 
The tail makes her all the more...Kaijuish...Taking it away just doesn't seem right.
I love what I see here. Very good color scheme, a great name. I think that a little more explication as to what the "light was" that changed her might be a good idea. Also maybe making it so that her flower like centerpiece can draw in solar energy which gives her a bit of a strength boost. I also think the tail makes her look more reptilian and gives her another appendage that can be used as a weapon especially with those spikes.
Guest 845 - days ago 
She must = godzilla+power ranger+monster x (without the keizer ghidorah transformation)
Guest 838 - days ago 
She looks like Monster X & Biollante got together and had a love child.
Guest 795 - days ago 
Dragonlotus's design makes sense as her armour has reptilian scales, like a dragon, and the flowers on her shoulders and chest definitley look like Lotuses to me.
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