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Height: 78 meters
Weight: 46,000 metric tons
Gender: Male
Combat Style: Control (Defense)
Primary Attacks: Pneumatic Fist Barrage
Secondary Attacks: Snapping Bites
Primary Weapon: Flames of the Empire, Royal Artillery
Secondary Weapon: Scientific Aperture
Energy Style: Stamina

Overview: Chelonra is a steam-powered war machine manufactured by the British Empire in 1891 as part of their undersea-warfare efforts.  Physically, Chelonra looks like a giant turtle, though it is designed to burrow under the sea floor, rather than float buoyantly.  While thus submerged, only Chelonra's hardened shell is exposed, making direct assault against the machine very difficult.  Chelonra's weaponry is designed for maximum under-water impact, including concussion grenades and a heat beam which makes water explode rapidly.  On land, Chelonra is a swift combatant who uses his pneumatic claws to deliver swift beatdowns.   

Origin: After establishing shipping & mercantile dominance in the end of the 19th century, Great Britain declared itself "Master of the Seas."  Unfortunately for them, this did not sit well with the sentient inhabitants of the world's oceans - who took the boast as a slight, and began to sink shipping vessels around the world.  With conventional warfare techniques useless, Scotland's top scientists conceived of a revolutionary concept - to build a large undersea vessel which could take the fight directly to the enemy.  Chelonra's first offensive action came in May 1891, when he was sent to disrupt a major underwater fortification.  He never returned, and the project was thought to be a failure.  But unbeknownst to any on the surface, Chelonra was successful in his offensive!  Unfortunately, achieving his objective used up too much Steam Power, and he was unable to return himself to land.  As a result, he has been sitting unpowered at the bottom of the North Sea for more than 100 years - until he was very recently re-discovered, dredged up, and the fires in his belly were stoked once again.

Energy System: Chelonra regains energy over time.

Ranged Combat: Chelonra primary ranged weapon is his powerful heat beam, which is aimed with his head.  This weapon was originally designed to discourage underwater targets by converting water into steam, rendering the aquatic targets helpless.  For longer ranges Chelonra relies on his Royal Artillery, which can be used to saturate specific areas of the battlefield.  When submerged, Chelonra can use the Artillery launchers as direct-fire explosive weapons.  Chelonra's most devastating weapon is his experimental "Scientific Aperture" which launches a close-range burst of energy, but is subject to a lengthy recharging sequence after each use.

Grappling: Chelonra has average grappling capabilities, which he usually employs to ensure weapon hits.

Melee Combat: Chelonra's limbs are built with the latest in steam-driven piston technology, which allows him to deal significant impact damage to opponents without the large swinging motions most fighters require.  Chelonra has been designed to use modern pugilism techniques, which minimize his exposure to harm while maximizing the damage he can deal when opportunities present themselves.  Despite these advantages, Chelonra usually confronts strong opponents via submersion, which further minimizes his exposure to counter-attacks.

Weaknesses: Chelonra's shell is nearly invulnerable to weapon fire and heavy impacts, but his other mechanisms are fairly pedestrian by comparison, and are not designed to endure prolonged trauma.  Chelonra expects to exploit the element of surprise in his attacks, which is often less useful as military campaigns draw out into prolonged encounters.  Chelonra was designed for rapid movements both underwater and semi-submerged, which means his reaction times out of the water are excellent, but generate significant heat.  Heat distribution in the air can become a problem, which normally prevents Chelonra from using his full mobility out of the water.

SkullHydra (Guest) 868 - days ago 
Like a sir!
Guest 868 - days ago 
Boggrim's partner is here! So beautiful! (Dat Mustache!)

So I assume this means water will play some role in combat/gameplay now? I like that! :)
Godzillajtn (Guest) 868 - days ago 
I have been waiting this guy since I first joined! It was for sure worth the wait!
wewewezing (Guest) 868 - days ago 
Cool! Good for you Shurb!
Kerwell (Guest) 868 - days ago 
aw ye
Guest 868 - days ago 
A kaiju that causes air pollution
Guest 868 - days ago 
Its steam punk Gamera!!!
Guest 867 - days ago 
Whoa! This is awesome!
guest (Guest) 867 - days ago 
the first steampunk kaiju in the series cool
Guest 867 - days ago 
D (Guest) 867 - days ago 
Gamea: Chelonra please,Mecha gamera.And thats my joke of the day.
Guest 867 - days ago 
He seems smaller than most
Guest 867 - days ago 
Lol the human in the corner "I say"
D (Guest) 866 - days ago 
Katyusha VS chelnora, battle of the tiny titans.
Varan Bon Ziller (Guest) 866 - days ago 
...He needs a hat.
Biplane (Guest) 866 - days ago 
So many good things. So many. Victorian England. Steampunk. Jules Verne. Royal Artillery. Moustache. I can't even...
Guest 865 - days ago 
Someone should put him in his or her Blackbutler fanfic
Guest 864 - days ago 
A combo of mechagodzilla and gamera. Lol!!!!!
Zulugator (Guest) 861 - days ago 
I finally see the mustache!
Derzerb5 (Guest) 853 - days ago 
Since he has a british origin, his rival should be the Australian Duncan... or a french guy, I dunno know, something.
D (Guest) 850 - days ago 
Alternate costume: hat and stache.
D (Guest) 832 - days ago 
I just saw the stashe.

CreationZilla (Guest) 825 - days ago 
Once Chelonra and Gamera are in the Kaiju Combat, it's on!
Guest 814 - days ago 
Steampunk gamera
Hidden Elephant (Guest) 812 - days ago 
Turtle Power, dudes, turtle power
Ryan (Guest) 791 - days ago 
The fact you guys have all these designs already is so cool! I will look forward to buying the finish products over and over.
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