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Height: 60 meters
Weight: 55,000 metric tons
Gender: Male
Combat Style: Ranged/Control (Grappling)
Primary Attacks: Claws
Secondary Attacks: Gun Bat
Primary Weapon: Shredder Guns, Arcane Grenade
Secondary Weapon: Mystic Wave
Energy Style: Unstable Battery

Overview: Gandiva is a human-built battle platform fusing human military technology with a mystic artifact of unknown origin.  This core artifact strongly resembles two human torsos connected at the waist, which suggests that before becoming damaged it had some relationship to ancient humans.
In battle, Gandiva relies on a variety of ranged attacks, all of which are powered by an unknown energy produced by his core.  Gandiva "flips" in battle to bring his two torsos into the fray at different times - each torso features different weapon types, melee attacks, and grappling techniques.

Origin: In the late 1960's, anthropologists from the University of Mumbai discovered a unusually large energy source buried in the mountains of Tibet.  Shaped like two human torsos merged at the waist, this discovery was quickly appropriated by the Ministry of Defense for potential combat applications.  The artifact was clearly designed to generate and project limitless quantities of energy - but time and (presumably) past battles had left it so damaged as to be nearly inoperable.
Historians suggested that this artifact might be the source of some of India's oldest legends.  They specifically thought that it might be related to the magical bow given to the hero Arjuna by the god Brahma, which he called Gandiva.  The Indian government supported this explanation, because it tied the artifact to Indian history, intercepting any potential claims other governments might make against the artifact.
Approximately 40% of the original artifact has now been replaced by mechanical components, including nearly all of one torso.  In recent years, Gandiva has been redesigned for the specific objective of defending humanity from Kaiju attacks, on the Indian subcontinent or elsewhere.

Energy System: Gandiva's core is itself an apparently endless supply of mystic energy, which has been successfully tapped to provide him with flight and a variety of ranged energy weapons.  However, the recharge rate is too slow for sustained combat purposes, which forces Gandiva to close with his opponents.  Sustaining damage dramatically increases Gandiva's power generation rate.  Unfortunately, excess energy generation  (taking damage when his energy is full)  - causes him significant additional harm!

Ranged Combat: Gandiva's core generates mystic spheres in his hands, which can be lobbed like explosive grenades.  The jewel on his remaining head can also project focused mystic energy, which can be used to push targets away.
Gandiva's mechanized torso channels this same mystic energy to power his imposing Shredder Guns - which can fire either in sustained volleys or in scattering bursts.

Grappling: Gandiva's unusual method of movement affords him significant advantages when grappling.  He is able to pivot and control other monsters with far greater facility than most, and his heavy stone & metal body provides an ample counterweight for throwing techniques.  Gandiva's ability to invert his torso can often be used to catch opponents unaware!

Melee Combat: Although Gandiav's core exhibits sharp claws and strong arms, melee combat is not a focus.  Gandiva's speed comes from his engines, but his physical gestures are often too slow to connect reliably in close quarters.  Because of his distance from the ground, Gandiva is often unable to engage smaller opponents at their own level.

Weaknesses: Gandvia's focus on ranged combat and absorbing damage to power his internal energy reserves leaves him with several exploitable weaknesses.  Chiefly, he cannot sustain prolonged damage without an opportunity to discharge his energy reserves - which makes melee fighters a serious concern.  In addition, his energy absorption system leaves him weak to many forms of energy attacks.  Finally, his hovering movement makes it difficult for him to take cover, should he find himself on the receiving end of a weapons barrage.

Animation Guidelines: 
  • Personality: Gandiva exudes a meditative dispassion - he is in many ways aloof and distant.  His stoic face almost makes you believe that he could be friends with his opponent on a moment's notice.
  • Combat Focus: Gandiva hovers - and has no legs.  His combat is almost entirely based around his four arms - only two of which are active at any given time.  His humanoid arms hurl mystic grenades, grab opponents, and slash opponents with melee strikes.  His shredder cannon arms bludgeon opponents, and fire several types of projectiles.  Both arms are capable of clinches (though the human arms are much better at it!)
  • Special Considerations: Gandiva's torso flipping will require some clever state management and mirroring.

Guest 894 - days ago 
Liam Campbell (Guest) 893 - days ago 
Gandiva look's like he reminds me of the giant golden statue from God of War 2.
Kerwell (Guest) 892 - days ago 
Aw ye
Guest 892 - days ago 
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawsome
BrotherJackDude (Guest) 891 - days ago 
Kinda reminds me of that Siamese twin guy from CarnEvil, except blue and with more guns.
Guest 890 - days ago 
I guess when all else fails, all you need are machine guns for legs.
Guest 889 - days ago 
I don't like the broke in half head or the pendant on said head. If those were changed I would definitely try to main him.
Other than that I love it.
Red (Guest) 887 - days ago 
I bet King Ceaser is jealous
Cornwall (Guest) 886 - days ago 
He should have telekinesis
Guest 882 - days ago 
So, I wait, I dunno, a few months or so, and we get a paraplegic golem? What the heck!? Not only does he have minigun legs, but hes the smallest monster too. Even half of his face is missing! Not to sound racist or anything because he was found in a foreign country, but seriously, dislike him. And I thought Duncan sucked.
DragonTech (Guest) 882 - days ago 
Dear guest,
A. He's not paraplegic, those aren't legs, those are his second torso's miniguns.
B. He's short because it accounts for his hover (and someone's gotta be shortest, so this complaint sorta makes more sense)
C. Sating "not to be racist" in a situation that has nothing ti do with race (especially considering most of the monsters are foreign) makes you sound racist.
A very talented artist is currently scheduled to make some art for Gandivas gun side, which (besides looking awesome) should help clear up the confusion some people (who can't read) seem to be having with his design. Hopefully we can get it posted here.
bradleymsimmons (Guest) 877 - days ago 
Too bad Matt didn't do art for the flipped side too. Anyhow, kudos to the creator for such a unique and interesting concept. Is his face broken because what we're looking at is the actual relic brought to life?
Guest 828 - days ago 
Does he stand on those or Does he float and those are at his side
Guest 825 - days ago 
I really like this Kaiju. I think he's my favorite of the originals. I think he should really be in "The Fall of Nemesis". Gandiva vs. Nemesis. Damn. Just, damn.
Alphaghoul (Guest) 781 - days ago 
You can clearly see chunks crumbling off of the head. Yeah they should have done something about that, maybe fixed it somehow.
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