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Monster Proposal


Can I submit my original monster to Kaiju Combat?

Yes!  Please review this thread on the community forums for a step-by-step overview of the process.

How much does it cost?

Initially our collaborators pledged $500 to get their character ideas added to the game.  But with our new sponsorship & voting process character submissions are FREE!  Nobody can gain an advantage by spending money.

What do I get if I make it to the progenitor stage?

You get gameplay concepting and visual concepting of your monster.  Things are brought to the point where your monster is ready to be built in-game.  Actually getting your monster to become a playable character requires that it make it through the content selection process for a specific release, which is up to the votes on the design forums.  Sunstone Games, LLC. does not in any way guarantee that our monster collaboration will ever become a playable character.  (Obviously we hope it will, but we need to protect ourselves legally)

What does "gameplay concepting" entail?

This means we discuss how the character will play, what sort of strategic decisions will be important to them, etc.  We'll use those discussions to help finalize the character's physical attributes, speed, strengths, and so forth.  We'll also describe & name any weapons, special attacks, or unique abilities of the character.  All of this will eventually be written up, along with a bio, on that monster's official design page.  When the design page goes live we'll also create an official design thread for that character that you can participate in.

What does "visual concepting" entail?

Matt Frank will create pencil sketches, and eventually make a large concept pencil sketch for the wiki page.  Once that official concept sketch is complete, Matt will create the orthographic "turnaround" sketches necessary to transform your character into a 3D model, and will also create a final "Hero" sketch of your character in full color.

How do we arrange these meetings?

We usually do them over Skype.  Standard procedure is to have 4 one-hour meetings, plus some e-mail exchanges.  The first meeting is between you and Simon Strange, where you discuss your goals.  The second meeting is between you Simon and Matt Frank, where we nail down visual goals.  The third meeting is between you Simon and Matt again - where Matt presents some sketches and we decide on an official name for your character.  The final meeting is between you and Simon, where you write the history and backstory for your character, as well as pick names for all your unique attributes.  (Update - after more than 30 collaborations, we'll point out that there really is no "Standard procedure."  Every collaboration is unique.)

Can I see some examples?

Of course!  Check out our existing collaborations at the Kaiju Combat Monsters page.

What rights do I have to give up to my monster if I collaborate with Sunstone Games?

Before we begin the process, we have a simple contract for you to sign with us, which defines the rights of the monster we collaborate on.  Sunstone Games, LLC. gains exclusive rights to use the monster in video games, and non-exclusive rights to create promotional materials featuring the monster.  You retain all other exclusive rights.  That means comics, novels, movies - anything you want to use the character for is 100% yours to profit from.  The only thing you CAN'T do is sell the character to another video game.  (And if you get approval from Sunstone Games, even that is fine.)

When will my monster collaboration happen?

We are working through our collaboration queue as quickly as possible - we should be able to give everyone at least a rough idea of when their collaboration might start.

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