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Scaos The Sinkeeper


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Scaos: The Sinkeeper
Height: 90 meters
Weight: 44,000 metric tons
Gender: Male
Combat Style: Melee
Primary Attacks: Arm Scythes (locked), Clawed Feet
Secondary Attacks: Weighted Tail
Primary Weapon: Cry of Despair  (muzzled)
Secondary Weapon: Bracer Shield (when locked)
Energy Style: Stamina

Overview: Scaos is a natural empath, held prisoner by the Vellian civilization to contain their unwanted emotions and impulses.  His muzzle prevents him from releasing those energies, and the shackles on his arms enforce his containment.  The bracers project a short-range force field, which protects them from damage.  In combat, Scaos uses his natural agility to deliver swift, powerful kicks and ranged tail whips.  Do not remove the muzzle.

Origin: The Vellian are an advanced alien race, who have been working for centuries to create a perfect society for themselves.  Early attempts at building a utopia ran afoul of the classic problem - even a few greedy, selfish, or violent individuals could spoil an entire colony.  Undeterred, Vellian scientists developed a method for artificially removing negative emotions and impulses from their citizens.  The only drawback to the process was that the siphoned energy would eventually find its way back to its original host - often with very detrimental results.

A solution was found in the form of a hyper-empathic species, which naturally fed off of strong emotions.  The Vellian could use these creatures to hold and contain an incredible amount of emotional energy.  Today, the Vellian have siphoned nearly all of their negative impulses, and stored them in a network of prisoner empaths.  The strongest and most useful of these has been nicknamed "The Sinkeeper" - also known as Scaos.

Holding nearly an entire race's pain inside his body has mutated and twisted The Sinkeeper into a monstrous form.  The Vellian have outfitted Scaos with restraints designed to prevent him from ever releasing the negative energy he contains.  They intend to keep him subdued and imprisoned forever.

Energy System: Scaos is shackled with an incredibly durable system of chains & braces, which are powered by remote energy sources.  The shackles have a relatively low power consumption, but they do draw continuous power.   When Scaos loses a defense cell, he also loses an energy cell - down to the minimum-energy state of one cell.  In combat, Scaos can use his shackles offensively, but cannot reduce them below one energy cell of power unless the shackles break.  Once broken, they draw no power until they can begin to auto-repair.

Ranged Combat: Scaos can use his powered shackles to deflect or even reflect energy attacks - by using their short-range force field to his advantage.  Doing so uses some energy.  Scaos can also use this force field as a melee weapon - repulsing his opponent violently at the cost of more energy.  Neither option is available once the bracers are in their minimum-power mode - because the last cell of energy is always reserved to keep Scaos imprisoned.

Should Scaos ever remove his muzzle, he could potentially channel his nearly infinite store of Pain, Anger, Hatred, and Misery into an indiscriminately devastating mental attack.

Grappling: Scaos is quite strong for his size, but without proper hands he cannot hoist opponents.  This means that while he is a grappler of average skill, he has little to no opportunity to damage opponents through grappling attacks.  When in a Grapple Clash, Scaos can use his bracer's force-field to immediately end the grapple at the cost of some energy.

Melee Combat: Scaos is an incredibly vicious & quick melee combatant should he ever regain the use of his Arm Scythes.  While shackled, Scaos is still a dangerous melee opponent.  He has developed an unconventional close-quarters combat style which makes use of his leg strength and general athleticism to strike quickly with his tail and clawed feet.  The tip of his weighted tail is especially effective at medium-range strikes.  Scaos can bludgeon opponents with his bracers, though it can be difficult to leverage them into forward or overhead positions.

Weaknesses: Scaos is a prisoner of the Vellian - he has been a prisoner for so long, holding the pain of so many millions, that no shred of his original mind remains.  He has no sentience, no sense of self-preservation.  He has no goals other than a burning desire to lash out in any way that he can.  His physical shackles are a double-edged sword.  They help protect him from harm, but they also significantly weaken his combat prowess.  

Animation Guidelines: 
  • Personality: Scaos is absolutely crazy.  He has been driven insane long ago by the emotional torture of his captivity - he's barely even aware of what is happening outside of himself.  To sell this, his head is often not looking at his opponent - and he can react to absolutely nothing, playing a variety of idle animations that keep him in different poses.
  • Combat Focus: Scaos is a wild-man fighter, like Voldo from Soul Calibur.  He uses every part of his body as a weapon.  His long tail likes to whip around in mid-air, or after an evasive roll.  Many of his attack animations move him forward - pouncing at his opponent.  His armbands can be used to protect himself - but when broken his third arm section is free - giving him significantly more reach and damage (at the cost of defense.)
  • Special Considerations: Scaos can lose his armbands, and unfold his arms by one additional segment.  We also need to support his Cry of Despair animation.

Guest 902 - days ago 
Hmm, that's sad how he's used for that purpose. Cool design though!
Guest 902 - days ago 
0-o ................................That is .....AWESOME
Wewewezing (Guest) 902 - days ago 
Oh yes... Wewewezing Likes...he likes it very much...

Matt J (Guest) 902 - days ago 
Wow... I like the dark back story.
Guest 902 - days ago 
Woah! Awesome!
Guest 902 - days ago 
Woah...this is some deep stuff...
Guest 902 - days ago 
I am so gonna love pitting him up against Destroyah and Nemesis
Guest 902 - days ago 
Soooo... how do you break the shackles? Or is that for us to find out!?
D (Guest) 902 - days ago 
Heart eater v.s. Scaos the sinkeeper! It would be epic!
D (Guest) 902 - days ago 
You know he and Gaonaga kinda have a similar backstory.
Guest 902 - days ago 
Wow! That monster is freaky!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Guest 902 - days ago 
A race that used a being against its will to sponge all their negative emotions... Which is in fact cruel and evil, which would be negative... So is there an infite source of negativity for him, or do only emotions specifically count? Like if they're wouldn't just thinking about his existence cause fear/sadness? Does he take the emotions instantly or is their some procedure that's needed to transfer them? I'm actually pretty curious about the Vellians, without negative emotions how can they feel sympathy or remorse? I guess I should talk about this more on his Design thread...

Great job, TONS of depth to his story and character (even if its more about his captors than himself in my opinion), his design is also AWESOME! Very creepy. :)
Ian Greene (Guest) 902 - days ago 
Hmm, a kaiju Hannibal Lector
Guest 902 - days ago 
Now that's what I call edgy!
DragonTech (Guest) 902 - days ago 
The story reminds me of "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas".
ex monster (Guest) 902 - days ago 
holly crap looks like godzilla is going to have a hard time fighting him
Guest 902 - days ago 
Wow! This monster is amazing! For some unexplained reason he reminds me of a heavily mutated Jackal, from the Halo franchise. The armor that is adorned upon him also looks very covenant-esk.

He looks very familiar to the Devil Hulk in appearance too; hes hunched over, red eyes, probably dinosaur-like. He is also a "sinkeeper", the Devil Hulk is the inner resentment of Bruce Banner. Both characters are just about the same height too.

All in all I am very please with this new monster. I was unexpected but I like it! He is analogous to Ganoaga, right? Considering they are both aliens, and that Ganoaga is heroic-looking and Scaos just looks ... evil and creepy, just the way an evil-looking being should. This is a major improvement from Gandiva and Katyusha. This now racks up my favorite kaiju to Macrosaurus, Moratitan, Urogora, Ganoaga and Scaos!
Guest 901 - days ago 
and also, his rage attack could be when his muzzle and hand cuffs come off. he could have extra attacks such as a scythe slash and a scream attack like anguirus.
Guest 897 - days ago 
Will we be able to remove the muzzle when he's in the game
Guest 894 - days ago 
Clover and Zilla had a baby, and named it Scaos The Sinkeeper.
Guest 890 - days ago 
Looks like a rat
zillastyle (Guest) 890 - days ago 
re: Will we be able to remove the muzzle when he's in the game

Scaos has an attack called 'Cry of Despair' which does indeed involve the muzzle coming loose, but thankfully it is clamped shut soon after!
Guest 882 - days ago 
Let me guess his theme song: "Crawling in my skin, these wounds they will not heal..."
Gojira45 (Guest) (Guest) 879 - days ago 
It kind of reminds me of the Cloverfield Monster.
Guest 804 - days ago 
Wait, he has a third arm!?
Lucas (Guest) 800 - days ago 
he looks more like some kind of dragon-lizard to me.i like the reptilian look to this monster.
Guest 787 - days ago 
He uses the shackles to block. After taking enough damage from enemy attacks, they break.
Guest 784 - days ago 
best moster
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